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Athletic performance is another topic about which there is very little discussion in the PTFH book.

PEMFs have numerous roles in improving athletic performance. A Doctor friend who worked with an American Olympic team found that American athletes competing in preliminary trials and subsequent competitive events could take a day or 2 to recover after each of these events. He was amazed that Eastern European athletes would be back the next day as if nothing happened. They were like robots, bouncing back completely, ready to compete again. When he walked past their training area he found that they were laying in tubes, almost Star Trek like. These were PEMF systems. American coaches and training staff knew nothing about this technology and the American athletes had nothing of the sort to help them compete as well as the other athletes.

Here are some examples of how PEMFs of helped athletes.

An ultra marathoner:

41 year-old male.

A recreational ultra-distance runner.

“I am currently competing in “Racing The Planet’s” 4 Desert races, self- supported, multi-day endurance foot race. A race which Time Magazine recently rated as one of the hardest endurance races in the world.

“After completing the Sahara Race and Atacama Crossing, my focus is now on training for the Gobi March.”

  • “recovery after workouts and long runs has sped up and muscle fatigue has been greatly decreased.
  • energy levels increased.
  • recording personal best training times and 2 months ahead of normal out-put ranges.
  • weekly training time and distances increased due to overall energy and stamina increases.
  • general repair to chronic knee and hip soreness to the point of little or no discomfort.
  • in summary, I use the portable PEMF 5-7 days a week, 1-4 hours per day.”

Another marathon runner and distance cyclist, all beating their previously best times. A hockey goalie who recovered an injury in two weeks with a portable PEMF system after having been in PT for two years.

So, how do PEMFs help with sports and athletic performance? As already mentioned, PEMFs increase ATP in tissues of the body, especially highly metabolic tissues, such as the brain and muscle. Since PEMFs increase the production of ATP, turn the ATP and energy and recharge the ATP once depleted, they help muscle and the nervous system to function more optimally.

For sports performance, PEMFs have 2 important roles: one is to enhance performance in somebody who is already in good shape and the other is to help with the various injuries that athletes all have to work through. All training and competition produces injury in the body, whether minimal or extensive. It exhausts the body’s energy reserves, which then have to be restored or replaced, often rapidly.

Muscle building causes micro tears in the muscle, which the body has to repair.


The repair process builds new muscle. Training produces aches and pains the day after training, often with swelling of the muscles. Long-term training produces wear and tear issues in athletes’ bodies. These have to be repaired regularly, and not left to chance. That means, that all the things that PEMFs do, including improving circulation, tissue repair and healing, ATP energy production, and improved oxygenation, all lead to better conditioning and performance.

Improved circulation leads to improved oxygen delivery to the tissues. Oxygen is used as fuel. PEMFs can increase peripheral oxygen availability by over 1%, even in healthy tissues. While 1% doesn’t seem to be very much, in competitive, high level, sports, 1/10 or 100th of a second may mean the difference between first-place and fourth-place.

PEMFs have been found to stabilize the nervous system. Research subjects treating the soles of their feet with a PEMF were found to have much more stable sway in their nervous system. That means the body is more capable of finely tuning the natural sway of the body to create tighter arcs of movement. This leads to more accuracy of movements and reduces likelihood of injury, making motion more efficient, focused and reducing energy demand.

PEMFs help athletes in many ways:

    • since PEMFs are used to enhance sleep, a better rested body is able to heal itself better and stabilize the immune system.
    • PEMFs are helpful to enhance the availability of nutrients, whether from food, herbs, vitamins or supplements to the cells of the body. Healthier cells absorb nutrients better.
    • PEMF treatments also improve brain wave patterns in people who use them, allowing for improved focus, with specific frequencies, for that purpose. These frequencies are typically in the beta range, that is, between 13 to 60 Hz.
    • PEMFs are much safer to use than common pain medications and are not considered “doping” or illegal substances, such as anabolic steroids. PEMFs can produce many of the same benefits as injected anabolic steroids without the risks. PEMFs have even been found to enhance anabolic steroid production in the body.
    • PEMFs can be used alongside other therapeutic approaches such as chiropractic, massage, acupuncture and physical therapy. PEMFs work synergistically with other approaches, enhancing the benefit of both.
    • stabilizing the nervous system
    • training enhancement
    • recovery from injury and wear and tear
    • improving muscle function
    • increased energy
    • improved circulation
    • increased stamina
    • reaching deep into the body to heal tissues, that ice cannot help.

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