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What are some of the benefits of PEMFs? Here is a list of some of the advantages of pulsed electromagnetic therapies:

  • safe
  • nontoxic-
  • non drug
  • noninvasive
  • natural
  • energizing
  • tissue restoring
  • work deep in the body
  • activates many other treatments including supplements
  • treat yourself at home
  • strong enough for professional use too
  • stimulates body’s own capacity for healing
  • reusable
  • supported by scientific evidence

Just think about how your body could benefit from this wonderful technology? One of the best parts is that you can do this all from the comfort of you own home. No more waiting to get into the doctors office, especially with their availability if it’s not considered an emergency. Think back to a time that you called to schedule something like your physical. Simple. Easy. An in and out appointment right? Well I just called my physician and they said they don’t have any availability for 6 months out! How many of you have heard that one before? What if you could just take 30-60 minutes, or less a day, even when you’re sleeping or reading in your favorite chair and help recharge the batteries and improve overall wellness. Would you do it? I think most of us would. And that is one of the many benefits of PEMFs. This list above doesn’t cover all the benefits of PEMFs, but it’s a great start. Take a look at the list again and think of two or three of those things on that list of benefits of PEMFs that could help you in your life.

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