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At its core, magnetic field therapy is one of the most important antiaging tools with which I have ever worked.

This graphic shows what happens in mice naturally and what happens in mice given a therapeutic approach to slow aging. With an appropriate antiaging strategy, mice can live twice as long. Why would that be so?

Aging begins when we stop growing. Most growth in humans stops in our mid-20s. It begins to slow well before that but peaks in the mid-20s. Most of us don’t know that we have begun aging until we hit about our 40s. In our 40s we begin to notice the “creaks and rattles” of aging, depending on the stressors that our bodies have been exposed to prior to that. Our goal is to increase the quality of our lives as we age and to extend our lives in a healthier state.

The downward curve of aging depends on genetics, stressors, trauma, self-abuse with drugs and medications, surgical episodes, significant infections, mental health conditions, environmental exposures, and many others. Our goal is to try to take the bottom slope on this chart as high up as we can, and as far out as we can. Antiaging requires effort and strategies that support it.

Anything that causes cellular injury, accelerates the aging process. Our ability to recover from cellular injury, especially cumulative cellular injury, determines our rate of aging. If we deal with cellular insults effectively, aging is stalled or slowed. If we don’t, aging progresses. In effect, aging is a stepwise process depending on the insults with which our bodies have had to deal.

Cellular injury caught at the earliest stages does not pass a line of irreversibility. Once the line of irreversibility is crossed, damage becomes evident at various levels of ability to be seen. At the earliest levels of damage, the effects may only be seen biochemically, through lab tests. At later stages they may be seen with microscopes, until finally they can be seen with the naked eye. Clearly, the sooner an injury is detected and dealt with, the better the chances of more or less complete recovery. Once an injury gets to the point of being able to be seen visually or felt, the damage is irreversible to at least some extent.

As I work with people with magnetic field therapy, I try to determine the timeline of their cell injury processes. It is very uncommon for people to use PEMFs for prevention, to heal biochemical or early tissue changes before they become irreversible. Most people only decide to get PEMFs when they start to have significant symptoms or clear evidence of harm. This is the stage of irreversible injury. Even if people get a PEMF system later in their aging process, they will still get a significant measure of preventive benefit for the rest of the body that is not a problem at that point.

A big part of my work has to do with educating people where they are in this injury process and the likelihood of recovery. As a result, over the years I have come up with several aphorisms relating to the need to start earlier than later.

“Pay me now or pay me later. If you pay me later, it’s going to be with interest. And, you may not like the interest.”

“You don’t want to come to the party late, because many of your options for enjoyment will have been exhausted.”

“You can lead a horse to water … then you start an IV.”

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