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An introduction to Power Tools for Health

This video course is a short and more personal version of part of what is in the book, Power Tools for Health: how magnetic fields [PEMFs] help you. But, to make it more interesting, I have added additional concepts taken from my now 47 years of medical practice and 27 years of working with magnetic field therapy. I explain how I started my journey working with this revolutionary concept and technology.

I give a brief overview of what magnetic fields are, how they work, the problems they can be used for, the electromagnetic [PEMF] devices that are available and some sense of how they can be used, among other common topics about which I am frequently asked questions.

So, to start, every now and then a new approach to improving health revolutionizes or leapfrogs us to another level. Over the last 50 years researchers and innovators have realized that the human body is more than tissues and molecules. The human body is a bioelectric or bioelectromagnetic organism. Nothing in the universe operates without an electromagnetic exchange or interaction. This is a process controlled by physics not by chemistry or anatomy. Physics controls the ability of molecules to come together. Molecules coming together form tissue, the physical body and the physiology of the body. In other words, physics controls the functioning of the body.

An example of this is salt. The body contains a vast amount of salt, or sodium chloride. We couldn’t live without it. Sodium chloride is formed of two molecules – sodium and chloride. Sodium cannot combine with chloride to form salt unless the physics allows it. Sodium can’t really combine with calcium, because the physics does not allow it. Chloride cannot combine with bicarbonate because the physics doesn’t allow it. This applies to all molecular interactions in the body.

Electromagnetic Fields and the body

Electromagnetic fields help with the push and pull of all chemical interactions in the body. In other words, molecules are either attracted to or repel each other. The right molecules have to be in the right place to create the right combinations to be able to perform their proper or needed functions. There are over 2000 chemical actions in every cell of the body per second. Most of these are on autopilot. Chemical interactions that get stuck contribute to the development of disease and illness. Giving the body electromagnetic fields, which pass completely through the body without stopping or being used up, helps with the movement of all the chemical interactions in the body. I’ll get into this more a little bit later.

Also, all molecular interactions in the body require energy. A lack of energy in the tissues causes molecular or chemical interactions to break down, contributing to the development of disease, illness and aging.

Aging is inevitable and unavoidable. Nobody escapes aging, whether animal or human. The only question is not does aging happen but how much and how fast. Part of aging is the development of disease and illness. In other words, aging leads to disease and illness and vice versa.

So how do we stop, slow down or reverse the inevitable aging we will all experience?

This is where the MFT revolution in healthcare comes in. Electromagnetic fields introduced into the body from outside the body provide the energy needed for the body to stop, slow down and reverse aging, disease and illness.

There is much science gathered over the last 50 years to support the concept of electromagnetic field [magnetic field] therapy (MFT).

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