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Since PEMF treatments are like tissue training or fitness training, side effects tend to be transient and related to the need to have the tissues or the body be able to handle the amount of stimulation provided. Side effects happen in less than 10% of people and are usually predictable, to a great extent, if the situations mentioned below are present.

A “couch potato” can’t compete in the Olympics without appropriate training and conditioning. It’s going to take time and will usually be quite uncomfortable. The training program has to be reasonable, so that the training would not cause problems. I call this “going low and slow.” In other words, the training program may need to be gradual. The inflammation in nerves needs to be gradually controlled so that the nerves are not overly stimulated too quickly.

Detoxification may happen, which is a good thing. But it needs to be done with low intensities, shorter treatment times and less often until the body can handle the detoxification burden. Since PEMFs do not stay in the body, there is no risk of allergy or having a toxic response to the PEMF signal itself, as there is with medication or even nutrients.

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