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Since PEMFs affect virtually every organ in the body, depending on the kind of PEMF devices used, the list of benefits is almost unlimited. The benefits come from making an organ or tissues function better or to heal from damage. The symptoms PEMFs make better will depend on the kind of reduced function or damage present.

Here’s a partial list of symptoms improved by organ system:

  •  endocrine – thyroid-related fatigue
  •  mental and behavioural – anxiety and depression
  •  nervous system – tremors, cramps, headaches, seizures, brain fog, lack of alertness
  •  eye – pain, blurry vision
  •  ear – pain, hearing loss, tinnitus, dizziness
  •  circulatory system – high blood pressure, chest pain, palpitations
  •  respiratory system – wheezing, coughing, vocal cord changes
  •  digestive system – abdominal/pelvic pain, heartburn, cramps, bowel habit changes
  •  skin – itching, rash, pain.
  •  musculoskeletal system – pain, swelling, bruises, range of motion, wound healing
  •  genitourinary system – incontinence, ED, infertility, PMS
  •  injury – help with almost any injury


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