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Whenever electricity is flowing through a wire a magnetic field is produced. The magnetic field is produced according to the right-hand rule. In other words, as viewed in this slide, the magnetic field revolves counterclockwise to the flow of the current. The magnetic field is only produced when the coil wires carrying the current are separated in a loop. The intensity and therefore width of the magnetic field depends on the strength of the electric current.

See the video for a demonstration of how a magnetic field is created with current flowing in a wire. You will see a 3 D plate chamber with iron filings in an oil. Copper wire goes through this chamber without contact with the fluid and filings. A wire comes in from the right lower side in the slide, coiled around into a loop and then coming out on the left lower side. When a current is turned on it forms a magnetic field that makes the iron filings move in circles around the coiled loops.

When a magnetic field is made to come in waves, it is called a pulsed magnetic field. The rate of pulsation is described in hertz. The symbol is Hz. Hz is the pulses per second or cycles per second.

In the video you can see a dynamic representation of an electrical current passing through a wire. The vertical peaks as the pulses pass through the wire are the electrical field. The magnetic field is always perpendicular to the electrical field. These are the horizontal purple waves. This is how a pulsed magnetic field is created.

Except for moving iron filings consider that magnetic fields can’t be seen. But, they can be felt. As an analogy, I describe magnetic fields as the wind blowing in the trees. The only way you know the wind is there is that the leaves or branches are moving. The wind can be a gentle breeze, can be strong or, at an extreme, like a tornado or hurricane. Generally, I like the wind to be between a gentle breeze and a moderately stronger wind. Just enough but not too much. The strength of the wind determines the amount of activation of the leaves and branches. The strength of a magnetic field determines the amount of activation of cells and tissues.

The wind is very important to trees, it helps to drive sap, the nutritional fluid of the trees, to the branches and leaves. The movements of the branches and leaves also creates their own tiny piezoelectric, electromagnetic fields, which further nourishes the plant cells of the trees. This is a living cycle.

As magnetic fields, like the wind, pass into and through the body, they activate the cells of the body and the huge number of the chemical processes that cells have.

As mentioned in the introduction, every cell has about 2000 chemical processes per second. Therefore, MFT causes these processes and cells to be more active, alert, awake and energized. Normally they would not be stimulated to the point that would cause damage, because the activation can only be within the capacity of the cell to achieve.

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