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I’m Dr. William Pawluk. I’m a conventionally trained medical doctor specializing in family medicine and holistic medicine. I went to medical school in Alberta Canada and later obtained a Master’s degree in clinical epidemiology at McMaster University in Ontario. I did my family medicine residency training at McMaster University. Since then I have practiced family medicine and been on the faculties of a number of universities including Case Western, Rutgers, Johns Hopkins and University of Maryland.

How did I begin my journey and work with magnetic field therapies?

After having a number of patients in my medical group almost dying and one who died from taking ibuprofen or aspirin, I decided that I needed to find better solutions to managing pain.

I later found out that about 100,000 people a year in 1998 were hospitalized for ibuprofen gastric complications and over 16,000 people with arthritis on NSAIDs die from them. It was no better and maybe even worse in the mid-80s. The doctors around me didn’t have any better solutions.

I had heard that acupuncture was good for managing pain. So, I decided to study acupuncture. That was in 1990. Acupuncture was not as accepted in 1990 as it is now, so people were reluctant to use needles. I began to look for other ways of treating acupuncture points without using needles.


This led me to finding that magnets were being used on acupuncture points in the Orient. Then I began experimenting with magnets and discovered they had significant benefits beyond the acupuncture point.

When I started looking into the research on how magnets might work on the body, I discovered that there was a whole scientific literature on the topic. But, it was mostly in foreign languages, especially Eastern European languages. Along the way I met Dr. Jerabek from the Czech Republic and we collaborated on a manuscript reviewing the Eastern European research. We co-authored a book called Magnetic Therapy in Eastern Europe: a review of 30 years of research. This was a highly technical book.

As a result, in 2003 my partner and I set up my 1st website, Dr. I considered the website a living book. But there are natural limitations to what you can have on a website so, over the years I was encouraged by people to write another more practical book, which I finally did in 2017.

There’s more to the story. Since I was practicing family medicine and learning holistic medicine I have had to deal with almost any problem that could happen to somebody. I called myself an unhappy Dr. – I was not happy until I could solve and help to heal as many problems as I possibly could. That meant, to take care of whatever walked in the door. So, the conditions I had to learn to help went way beyond just managing pain. My journey since 1990 also involved learning other holistic therapies including homeopathy, bodywork, hypnosis, nutrition and other energy medicine techniques. However, magnetic field therapy held my interest the most given my grounding in conventional medicine and medical science. I have been practicing holistic medicine in the Baltimore area since 2004. To help teach people about holistic medicine, I was cohost of a natural medicine radio show in Baltimore for 10 years.

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