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While I started my journey using permanent magnets, I soon branched out to electromagnetic fields, now called pulsed magnetic fields or PEMFs. Permanent, also called static, magnets, particularly disk magnets, worked. But, PEMFs work better. As a family physician I found that static magnets did not solve enough problems. This is because they don’t penetrate the body very deep. PEMFs can and do. Besides helping pain, I discovered early that magnetic field therapy healed wounds, cleared rashes, sped the recovery of infections, reduced swelling and bruising, improved circulation, helped arthritis and muscle spasms and much more. PEMFs opened up a whole new world of helping people, way beyond anything I ever did as a family physician. They made everything else I did work better and they did a whole lot more on their own.

There are many things that conventional medicine can’t do. Most of conventional medicine relies on pharmaceuticals. It does not recognize or value the importance of nutrition, herbs, vitamins and other supplements. This is a major limitation of conventional medicine and, therefore, the best doctors think outside the box.

Let me give you an example. When a doctor prescribes an antibiotic for an infection, all the antibiotic does is to kill or slow down the bacteria, hopefully. The infection causes damage to the tissues. What does the doctor do to help you to heal from the damage. Nothing. The doctor relies on your body’s natural ability to heal itself. However, as we all know this does not always happen quickly, efficiently or completely.

It is basically leaving the healing to chance. There are usually no recommendations for nutrition, rest, or other ways of helping the tissues to heal. I discovered that magnetic field therapy does that – help the infected tissue to heal. It doesn’t mean you shouldn’t use an antibiotic. Even if an antibiotic is used, magnetic field therapy makes it work better and may also allow for a lower dose to be used, reducing the risk of complications or side effects. Often an antibiotic is not necessary, especially with milder and early soft tissue infections. If magnetic therapy is used at the earliest stages of the infection, it will often resolve on its own naturally. The magnetic therapy does this by bringing in more circulation, oxygen, reducing inflammation and edema, providing the cells more energy, increasing the body’s ability to fight the infection by boosting the immune system and stimulating repair of the damaged tissues. At the same time, it is reducing the pain or discomfort associated with the infection. The magnetic field therapy finishes the job of healing the infection.

The common wait and watch approach of conventional medicine happens across the board with a wide range of health conditions. I learned as a young physician that time is the great diagnostician and the great healer. When someone has a heart attack, the body has to heal itself. When someone has an accident causing a fracture, the body has to heal itself. When someone has a concussion, the body has to heal itself. After someone has surgery, the body has to heal itself. This means that healing the body is left to chance and the particular circumstances of a body. Magnetic field therapies accelerate the healing and recovery of all tissues in the body for almost anything that happens to the body. MFT does not leave healing to chance. Most conventional doctors are not aware of the healing capacity of magnetic field therapies.

Beyond the need for healing, magnetic fields optimize the health of cells. At any given moment many of the cells in the body are struggling in their health. We are not aware of them until they get to a point where they are noticeable. Let me give you an example. We have about 100 trillion cells in our bodies. If your left little toe decides to get a hangnail, how many cells have to be damaged before we even notice that we were developing a hangnail? Most likely millions. If we are regularly exposing the cells of the body to healing magnetic fields, we are waking up declining cells and restoring their natural vitality. When that happens, it is likely that we will prevent the hangnail from developing in the 1st place. This is a matter of helping the cells produce more energy.

Magnetic fields are not energy in and of themselves. The magnetic fields stimulate the tissues

to produce their own energy, in the form of ATP. This is a very natural process. The body will not produce more energy than it has the capacity to do. In scientific terms this is called inductively coupled electrical stimulation (ICES).

ICES is very different than capacitively coupled electrical stimulation (CCES). CCES is electrically stimulating the body (b on the slide), which introduces energy directly into the body, usually through electrodes. Controlling these types of stimulation is challenging because of the risk of harm to the cells. All PEMFs applied to the body work through ICES.

The normal amount of energy cells produce may be inadequate or insufficient depending on the demand placed on the cells. A body at rest doesn’t need as much energy as a body that is active. And, when even more demand is placed on the cells or tissues, such as during sports performance, even more energy is needed to be produced. Magnetic field therapy optimizes the amount of energy that cells can produce up to their natural capacity. As an example, it is well known that magnetic fields help muscle cells work harder, work longer and recover faster from that work.

When the Russians were dominant in the Olympics, they frequently used magnetic field therapies before and after competition and workouts. The Russians were among the 1st to extensively use magnetic field therapies to improve health, as well as sports performance. They wrote about their experiences and the results are covered in my book “Magnetic Field Therapy in Eastern Europe: a review of 30 years of research.” Now let’s go to the next section.

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