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Unfortunately, good PEMF systems are not cheap. You buy cheap you get cheap. Why PEMFs are expensive is the same reason that any other high quality technology is expensive. They’re expensive to make!

There are many reasons for this. Generally, as technology goes up in complexity, cost goes up. This is the difference between a Band-Aid, an infrared lamp and a more sophisticated PEMF system.

One of the main reasons for PEMFs not being more common and therefore being less expensive is the lack of funding to expand this technology. Because it is not patentable for the most part, investors are not willing to put large amounts of money into expanding the use and availability of this technology since they can’t protect their investment. Cost of FDA approval is prohibitive. I know of a PEMF manufacturer who already has FDA approval for bone healing. They wanted to expand the use of their device for osteoporosis and the FDA told them they had to start all over again to get this new indication. It would have cost them hundreds of millions of dollars. So, they abandoned that initiative.

Never mind the mass production of health and wellness devices. Consider the iPhone. It took a huge amount of money to make mobile phones widely available. “Apple Spent Over $150 Million To Create The Original iPhone” – and that’s just the money, it also put its best people from other projects on the iPhone project, affecting other lines of business. Perhaps PEMFs will be much more common in the future as a much larger number of people want to have access to this technology making it more affordable.

While it is true that anybody can make a PEMF with a simple electrical circuit and wire, it may not necessarily be the best PEMF signal in intensity, waveform, frequency or applicators. It takes sophisticated engineering to create a good product, especially a complicated product such as a PEMF system. It has to be reliable, durable, usable, produce the right intensity, have effective frequencies and be backed by evidence. Ultimately,, it needs to work for the problems being addressed.

Current PEMF systems are made in the hundreds and not millions. Price goes down dramatically when they are made in the millions. So, if you are using or considering a PEMF solution consider yourself in the vanguard of this technology. I’m convinced that as more and more people begin to use it and realize their benefits, vast numbers of people will eventually adopt the technology.

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