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Ever wonder why magnetic field therapy not widely known? Creating awareness for any new concept or technology, especially one that is revolutionary and disruptive to existing ways of doing things, including improving health, can take large amounts of money and decades. This is especially true when there is very little money behind educating people about this technology. Consider the cost of advertising. Another barrier is the fact that people have to use it regularly to get all the benefits. It is not always considered convenient. Another barrier is the cost of the devices, as discussed earlier. Unfortunately, most of us don’t realize the cost of not being well until it’s too late to see major benefits from any particular intervention. It often takes life experience for us to realize that “a stitch in time saves nine.”

MFT benefits are not always seen dramatically, immediately and they don’t obviously help us function in our daily lives, such as computers or mobile phones do. PEMF therapy does help us function better in our daily lives when we clearly have problems that were successfully treated. People rarely return their PEMF devices once they started seeing benefits. Once they have these devices they can be used for the rest of their lives both for prevention and for healing.

I see a day when PEMF therapy will be a standard tool people will more or less automatically reach for to maintain and improve their health and physical performance. This will be the age of magnetic medicine. At that point magnetic field therapy will be considered an automatic, obvious and common solution.

If you have watched and listened to this video and/or read the Power Tools for Health book, you can help spread the word about this amazingly useful and helpful health tool.

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