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Wound management carries a very large burden of disability and cost to society. Conventional treatments currently used for wound healing are slow to produce results, expensive and very time-consuming. Existing approaches to wound management can be augmented significantly by the use of PEMFs at the same time. In many cases, PEMFs may be able to be used alone with great success.

Many of the actions of PEMFs responsible for healing have already been discussed before, and include decreased inflammation, improved oxygen levels, reduced sodium levels, increased growth factors, stimulation of regeneration and stabilized electrochemical gradients across cell membranes.

Here are some specific results of PEMFs in wound healing:

  • production of hyaluronic acid
  • 46% more collagen
  • increased fibroblasts with
  • 10-13X increase in total collagen
  • increase strength and elasticity
  • accelerate healing rate by 25-30%
  • increase stem cells
  • decrease edema
  • 21% faster healing open surgical wounds

Other actions on wounds include

  • reduced bacterial contamination
  • better pain reduction
  • graft enhancement
  • speed skin ulcer healing
  • reduction of abnormal scarring
  • improve re-attachments
  • preoperative tissue preparation
  • electrostimulation versus PEMF stimulation


One of the most dramatic examples I have witnessed in healing wounds with PEMFs is with a three-year-old child. She cut off the end of her thumb in a sharp doorjamb. These pictures show how quickly her thumb healed after having no blood supply for several hours. Essentially, in six weeks she almost completely healed and had a somewhat normal looking thumb. At 12 weeks she even re-grew her thumbnail. All this, with the only treatment being 1 ½ to 3 hours a day of PEMFs to the thumb.

To summarize this chapter, I spent considerable time on the topic of wounds because it is one of the most dramatic examples of how PEMFs help the body to heal and support antiaging.

We all suffer wounds throughout our lifetimes. Any sprain or strain is essentially a wound. Any cut, whether traumatic or surgical is a wound. I was able to get back to work after an appendectomy in three days, as a result of using a portable PEMF device 24 hours a day after my procedure.

Aging of the skin, muscle, tendons and ligaments and other soft tissues needs plentiful supplies of stem cells, blood supply, growth factors, energy, nutrient support, collagen and hyaluronic acid. As has been shown earlier, PEMFs stimulate these.

This is why I believe that anybody with a wound should be using PEMFs stimulation. Why leave healing to chance? Why not speed the healing process?

Consider doing PEMF treatment before and after any elective surgery.

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