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Identifying your personal needs

When we are working with a customer to help determine which PEMF system may be the best for their needs, the discussion always begins with a lot of questions.

Are you an athlete who is always on the go, or is your lifestyle more stationary? Is your health condition chronic, or do you have a new, localized injury? Is this purchase for yourself, or do you want to treat the whole family with the same system? What kind of budget are you working with?

Probably the most important piece of information we can gather is about what the customer hopes to treat. Our recommendation will be wildly different depending on that answer – chronic health conditions need different stimulation than healthy bodies looking for health maintenance. If you have a lot of health concerns, or if you’re hoping to treat multiple people with one system, the recommendations change again.

  • If your goal is overall health maintenance, then we are more likely to suggest a full-body system with a reasonable range of frequencies, a medium intensity, and a comparatively lower price point.
  • If you are struggling with severe or chronic pain, we are most likely to suggest a higher intensity system, whether it’s a full-body or local system.
  • If you are trying to treat a lot of different people with the same system, we are more likely to suggest a system that has a much wider range of frequencies and intensities.
  • If you are an athlete needing to use the unit on-the-go or someone who travels frequently, we are more likely to suggest a battery-powered device than a full-body system.
  • If you are extremely sensitive to medications, foods, smells, etc, then we are likely to suggest an extremely low-intensity system.
  • If you are looking for something simple, we may suggest a unit with as few buttons or programs as possible, or a full-body unit with very few options.

We carry each of the PEMF devices on for a reason. Each one has its place, and at any given time, we will help to determine which one is best for an individual. But that determination can only be made after we take an inventory of the individual’s needs, habits, lifestyle, etc.