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Return Periods, Service and Support

All reputable PEMF manufacturers should allow you to return the system within a window of time after the purchase – usually between 30 and 90 days depending on the device and the manufacturer. There are some exceptions to this rule – hygiene, for instance, can be a concern with some PEMF devices, like those intended to be used for prostate issues. Return periods nearly always have a restocking fee associated, so it’s important to understand the cost of a return before you make a purchase decision.

Service and Support

money back guaranteeService and support are the human element of the PEMF purchase decision. You should feel comfortable with the person or team you are working with. Are they available by phone and/or email? When you leave a message, do they respond within a reasonable time frame? Do you feel pressured into a purchase decision? Are they knowledgeable about the entire industry, or are they regurgitating marketing-speak and bad-mouthing competitors?

Most companies require you to stick with your dealer or distributor for the life of your system, so you should feel confident in their ability to help you with getting the most out of your PEMF system. They should be knowledgeable about various health conditions so that they are best equipped to offer advice on specific protocols. They should be responsive to your needs as well, in case you experience any issues with the system and will require repairs or replacements both within the warranty period and well beyond.

It is rare for a manufacturer or representative to have any clinical background, which makes it more difficult for them to properly advise individuals on the best use of a given system for the wide variety of health conditions that may be encountered. It is in this circumstance that inappropriate device recommendations and applications are often made. Find out if the manufacturer or the representative you’re working with have formal support from licensed medical personnel, and whether or not you would have direct access to that personnel should you require a consultation.

The manufacturer

Check to see how long the manufacturer has been in business – it’s important that they have an established business so they can continue to support your purchase. Is the business a startup? Try to get a sense of how many devices the manufacturer has made or sold, and what the repair rate is like.

If your device does break down (PEMF devices are electronic equipment, after all) do you have to ship it overseas to have it repaired? While it may be unavoidable, it’s a good thing to know in advance of the purchase since it could make the device unavailable for a substantial amount of time.


There is a huge difference in pricing for PEMF systems. Units intended for use at home can range from $350 all the way up to $7,000 and well beyond. Full-body systems will cost more, but they also treat more of the body.

The true value of owning your own PEMF system is that it is a one-time purchase that can be used for you and your entire family in the comfort of your home—there are no refills, no co-pays, and no need for each family member to have a different system. Systems are not consumable. Even pets and plants benefit from PEMF systems. When computed over the lifetime of the magnetic system, PEMF units have an exceptional price per day value. This is made even better considering that multiple users can receive regular benefit. What you are paying for is quality construction and quality service. These things are equally important. Often, people make purchasing decisions based on affordability, so the best PEMF system for their needs may not be available to them.

In this case, it will likely take longer for benefit to be achieved, resulting in increased frustration because needs may not be met as expected. Patience will be required in these circumstances, and greater value should then be placed on the amount of support your reseller or dealer is able to provide you.