1. What is the Suggested PEMF treatment frequency, intensity, and time for Chronic Asthma?

2. Can I use an earthing mat and BioBalance together? Is it Ok to use them together? How do they work differently? Do I need a different device to go deeper into my body?

3. For the Flex Pulse and BioBalance, what is the best location to place the mat or pillow applicator?

4. What is the Best device for mycotoxin brain and body mitochondria energy recovery?

5. What are your thoughts on the eNeura device for migraine therapy compared to the Tesla Fit 2 Plus?

6. How Is PEMF similar or different from RIFE?

7. Is PEMF helpful for Fibromyalgia?

8. Can PEMF help with nerve pain from a tooth extraction?

9. Does an unbalanced nervous system perpetuate chronic pain?

10. Does the Parmeds home (Curatron HT) have sufficient intensity/Gauss to treat the prostate (BHP)?

What is the best PEMF therapy for pain and inflammation? (NO VIDEO AVAILABLE)

12. What frequency, intensity/Gauss, and time would you suggest when treating elevated eye pressure?

13. Why does laying on my mat make my arms and hands ache? Does that mean I shouldn't use it?

14. Can you discuss the frequencies of PEMFs?

15. What dosage do you use for Osteoarthritis?

16. Could you discuss the differences between PEMF devices, including the Bemer?

17. Is it the chicken or the egg? Does a physical problem have to be resolved before pain medication?

18. What is the Dynamic Neural Retraining System?

19. Do you like BioBalance? Is it worth the $2,500?

20. Will PEMF help decrease the pain associated with bladder spasms in an overactive bladder?

21. How deep does 5,000 Gauss go?

22. Can Magnetic Field Therapy be used if you have joint implants?

23. What is a Gauss? Can 3,500 Gauss detox the liver?

24. Do we offer rental options before purchasing with our systems?

25. How can PEMF be used for mast cell activation?

26. What are your thoughts on the Bemer and Swiss-made IMRS system?

27. Can you compare PEMF with red light therapy?

28. How important is the waveform in PEMF?

29. What frequency, intensity, using mat and/or paddle do you suggest for migraines?

30. How can PEMF help in adhesive capsulitis or frozen shoulder?

31. Any suggestions for chronic tooth pain?

32. Does PEMF cause any level of Electroporation?

33. Does PEMF need to be used with breaks?

34. Can PEMF help with myasthenia gravis?

35. Can PEMF help with Ehlers Danlos (EDS)?

36. Can PEMF help with POTS and multi-chemical sensitivities?

37. Any suggestions for restless leg syndrome in Multiple Sclerosis (MS)?

38. Can PEMF help with cancer?

39. Can you explain how aspirin works?

40. Can you discuss the use of CBD to relieve pain?

41. Is PEMF successful at minimizing or stopping tinnitus?

42. How can PEMF help with arthritis?

43. Can PEMF help with Trigeminal Neuralgia?

44. How does the Dr. Tennant PEMF device compare with yours?

45. If you have a foot infection that is slow to recover even on antibiotics is it still wise to use the PEMF?

46. Can RIFE help with Lyme disease?

47. How can PEMF help with Gallbladder pain?

48. Can PEMF help with peripheral neuropathy?

49. What is the best PEMF machine for cardiovascular health?

50. Can PEMF devices be used with stimulators?