Transcript: Chronic tooth pain. You have to go after the cause of the tooth pain.  Magnetic field therapy can actually reduce pain, but if you have an abscess that has to be dealt with, you’ve got to deal with the abscess. In my career as a family doctor, I used to do a lot of incisions of boils and abscesses. You have to drain them. You have to get rid of the pus that’s inside that boil or abscess. You have to clean that out because the tissue can’t heal itself if you don’t clean out that tissue.  There’s no way to heal. It’s a cavity, a cavern now. It’s basically got nothing in it but bad stuff, and you can’t collapse that tissue and get it to heal unless you clean it all out, so you’ve got to deal with that, if that’s the cause of your chronic pain.  Magnetic therapy can help you to deal with it to decrease inflammation, to reduce your recovery time. If you have a dry socket from a previously pulled wisdom tooth or something then magnetic field therapy can be extraordinarily helpful for that. But again, you may need to have surgery to clean that socket out so that new tissue can grow into that cavity to be able to heal itself fully. So deal with it to resolve it completely and to get full healing.