Transcript: I use an earthing mat as well as the BioBalance.  Is it okay to use them together?  Yes. Earthing mats are extremely low intensity. They’re really more electrical in the way that they act the body then magnetic. Because they’re electrical, the electrical stimulation of the body increases the magnetic field production in the tissues itself. But that’s a very, very low-intensity production, just barely above what the body would normally make. So why do we advise people to use earthing mats? It’s the rebalance. 

Way, way, way back before PEMFs were discovered, people discovered that walking on the dirt or laying on the grass or hugging a tree, all of these were earthing energies, basically electrical energies that would touch the skin. So when you wear, say, a copper bracelet, you’re increasing the charge production in the tissue under the bracelet. That increase in charge production and tissue activates the acupuncture points and meridians, which all magnetic fields do. All magnetic field therapy is simultaneously activating the acupuncture points meridians in the area of the magnetic field. 

So, when you do earthing, you’re stimulating the energy just a little bit. When you have a BioBalance or any higher-level intensity magnetic system, you’re going to way, way, way exceed the amount of magnetic field energy production by the earthing mat. It’s not going to harm the earthing mat, but they’re not going to add together because one overwhelms the other. So what you’re going to get is the benefit of the higher intensity PEMF system. 

You can use them together. You can, as I mentioned already, use sandwiching. So if you have a BioBalance and a Flex Pulse, you could lay on your BioBalance and treat specific parts of the body with your Flex Pulse, because the Flex Pulse will be stronger than the BioBalance for that, it will have more benefit to you for that. There’ll be some sandwiching benefit but it’s minimal because the BioBalance is relatively weak. So that’s how you have to think about earthing mats versus BioBalance.

If you’re going to make a decision about whether you want an earthing mat or a BioBalance, you’re going to get a lot more mileage for your buck with a BioBalance. There are earthing systems that are very expensive and you can lay on a BioBalance all night long. It’s designed to operate throughout the whole night – you can lay on a whole-body pad all night.

Earthing mats are designed to be laid on all night, which is better than just laying on your regular old mattress pad.  But, again, magnetic field therapy is going to be stronger.  It provides more benefits.  If you’re making a decision about purchasing then I would recommend the PEMF system. If you already own them, don’t worry about it. And the same thing applies to other quartz-based systems, PEMF systems that combine quartz materials along with magnetic fields, they’re very, very weak. So you can use PEMFs alongside those as well if you happen to own one of those types of systems. I don’t recommend them because you just don’t get the value from it that most of us really want and need.

How do they work differently? Well, again, I mentioned that one is electrical and one is magnetic. Simon asks the question, do I need a different device to go deeper into the body? As I mentioned at the very outset of this webinar – and if you came in late, I really strongly encourage you to get it and view it from the beginning to really get a better comprehension and understanding of why higher intensity magnetic systems are important.  I don’t mean high, but higher than one Gauss or five Gauss.  Most of the whole body PEMF systems are just too little.