Transcript: We have a big question about PEMFs and cancer.  There’s a section in my book, Power Tools for Health, on the use of PEMFs in cancer. 

PEMFs have a very important role in cancer. They don’t cure cancer. I will never ever say that magnetic therapy cures cancer. In fact, there aren’t a whole lot of therapies that cure cancer.  I wouldn’t necessarily even rely on chemotherapy and the traditional medical approaches to cure your cancer. We know now that there are relatively few cancers that are “cured”, although doctors say if you survived five years after your treatment, you’re cured. That’s a falsehood.  Cancer, to me, once you have that diagnosis is a chronic disease. You didn’t get it overnight. It took years to happen. And that’s a chronic condition. 

That means the condition that was there, that caused the cancer to develop in the first place had been there for a long time already.  I recommend thermography for women postmenopausally.  I don’t tell people not to do mammography, but you can do less mammography and more thermography. And the reason thermography may be very helpful is it can detect cancers years ahead of when lesions can be detected on mammography. And that’s because the process has been there for a very long time. 

It takes 10 to 15 years for cancers to go from one cancer cell, to double, double, double…in other words, the doublings take a long time before you finally have a detectable lesion. So most cancers, especially solid tumors, have been there for a long time. And most other hematologic cancers, like leukemias and even lymphomas, have usually been brewing for a long, long time before you finally find them.

Anybody who’s doing magnetic field therapy on a regular basis for health maintenance is more likely to prevent the development and progression of cancer. It’s been said that each of us has over 100,000 cancer cells in our bodies on a given day and there are different estimates for that, and the immune system takes care of it.  Cancers will often blow up after a major procedure – heart surgery, appendectomies, gallbladder surgeries, a hysterectomy – a year or two later, cancer shows up. Well, it didn’t show up in that two year period. It didn’t show up when you were discovered to have it.  It was brewing a long time ago, and then the stress in your life at that time, that physical stress and emotional stress and the drugs that you were given to deal with pain and sleep and everything else, suppress the immune system enough that the cancer started to take off.

But if you’re doing magnetic therapy on a regular basis, you’re decreasing the inflammation through the whole body, especially if you’re doing health maintenance. And if you decrease inflammation in the whole body, cancer doesn’t get a chance to develop. So anybody who has a family history of cancers probably should be doing whole-body magnetic therapy with a sufficiently high-intensity magnetic field system for their life, just to prevent that from happening, nevermind all the other benefits you’re going to get. 

When you have been diagnosed with cancer and you’re going to have surgery, I recommend PEMF therapy before you do your surgery because then you’ve preconditioned the body to be as healthy as possible before the damage of surgery happens. The body has to heal from the damage of surgery, nevermind the problem with the cancer before. So do magnetic therapy before the surgery, then as soon as the surgery is done, you do magnetic therapy again. 

Magnetic therapy works very well with chemotherapy. In fact, it doubles the effectiveness of chemotherapy. Magnetic field therapy can be used with radiation as well. Although if you ask your oncologist about using magnetic fields with chemotherapy, they will know nothing about it. If you ask the radiation oncologist whether they could do magnetic therapy with radiation therapy, they will know nothing about it, and most likely they will say no. The oncologists would be most likely to say no because again, they don’t know anything about it and they’re not going to go figure it out for you. I’m saying that the research supports the use of PEMFs around surgery, it supports the use of PEMFs around chemotherapy, and it supports the use of PEMF around radiation.

Radiation is a bit more tricky.  I would do magnetic field therapy to the tissues before the radiation starts because it can actually act as a radiosensitizer to the cancer. In other words, the cancer actually becomes even more sensitive to the radiation. On top of that, it helps to protect the normal tissues that are not cancerous from the damage from the radiation. And then after you’re done the radiation, for sure you could start magnetic field therapy again because the cancer cells have been damaged enough that they’re not going to recover from that radiation unless they’re radiation-resistant. That’s a problem and that doesn’t get discovered for some time. But the damage has already been done to the normal tissue. So you can use the magnetic fields.  If you start soon enough after radiation therapy then you could recover the cells to the extent that they can recover, because the radiation causes a lot of inflammation in normal cells. The tissues are red, they’re swollen, they burn, and certainly, there’s a lot of pain and depending on what part of the body you do have radiation, it’s very important to use magnetic fields. 

I had a consultation just the other day on somebody who had radiation to the jaw, to the neck area, and had basically melted the bones. It’s called osteoradionecrosis to develop the melting of the bones of the jaw. There are no extended research studies, but there are reports of people who use magnetic field therapy to recover that bone. Nothing else does. The only thing you can do is bone implants, and they don’t always work because the tissues are so damaged, there’s so much inflammation that that doesn’t always work. But magnetic therapy can help potentially cause the bone to regenerate. That’s what magnetic fields do in osteoporosis. And so that’s a possibility. That’s an example of a case in which radiation was done that then caused damage that the magnetic field therapy would help to recover that damage.  It doesn’t happen overnight. It’s a very slow process. 

So, that’s my answer for cancer. I would also say, and people don’t want to hear this, and oncologists don’t want to tell you this either, but most solid tumors by the time they’re discovered already have, let’s call them daughter cells, out in the body. They’re individual little cancer cells that are broken off and gone out into the body.  Those are called cancer stem cells, and a large percentage of people who at the time they’ve discovered the solid tumor has been found to have these cancer STEM cells. That’s tricky. It’s research at this point, it’s at the research level to detect those STEM cells in the bones or in other parts of the body. But they’re at rest, and the immune system takes care of them. But how do they activate? They activate during stress. I mentioned surgery.  So, if you had surgery 10 years ago and part of a lung was removed, or part of a kidney was removed for cancer, then anytime down the road when you’re going to have a surgical procedure that stresses the body. Natural killer cells, NK cells, significant drop in number and they’re very important for surveillance of cancer cells of the body. So NK cells are critica.  If you use narcotics, if you use tranquilizers, sedatives, and there are other medications that do this as well, it’s amazing how much they impact NK cells.

One session of acupuncture, in other words, one session of magnetic field therapy, can reverse that drop in NK cell activity. So if you’re going to have a procedure and you have a history of cancer, get one acupuncture treatment to a point on the leg called stomach 36.  One treatment can make those NK cells come back very rapidly. So you could do that before the surgery and you can do it right after the surgery.  The surgical process itself would decrease the NK cells so you can bring them back up again. And I do recommend treating stomach 36 periodically in anybody who has a history of cancer just to keep the NK cells up. Your functional medicine doctor can measure your NK cell levels.

So magnetic field therapy then helps the body to keep those stem cells at bay, to keep them quiet. There’s some evidence, not a lot, but there’s some evidence that magnetic field therapy may increase NK cell activity, but the most important thing is to keep the tissues healthy. When you keep the tissues healthy then those stem cells don’t convert.  So magnetic field therapy then can be used for cancer prevention, either primary or secondary – after the fact or beforehand.

I hope that answers your question, Gary, about PEMFs and cancer. I strongly recommend the use of PEMFs in cancer.  If you have extensive cancer in your body, you need high-intensity magnetic field therapy to the area that you’re dealing with.  For whole-body treatment, higher intensity magnetic field therapy is critical. The low-intensity systems are just not going to do the job deep enough into the body.