Transcript: Ehlers Danlos (EDS) is a genetic disorder, and there are many levels of it.  One way to know that somebody has Ehlers-Danlos is if you’ve watched people in circuses, Cirque de Soleil, where they do all these contortions. Well, they have loose ligaments and they can bend their joints in many different ways.  If you can take your thumb and bring it all the way down to your arm probably you have EDS. Certainly, you have ligamentous laxity, another term that’s used for it.  Again, there are different levels of severity of EDS. Everybody with EDS develops arthritis. Everybody.  It’s only a question of time.  It depends on the severity of the EDS, and it often happens very early in life. 

People very often know in their teens that they’ve got this problem. Sometimes you don’t recognize it, because of the milder forms, until your late twenties or thirties.  If you start to develop arthritis in your thirties, that’s unusual. It needs to be evaluated and EDS may be one of those contributing factors. 

PEMF therapy doesn’t reverse EDS, but what it does is gives the muscles more energy to work. It helps to decrease the inflammation that’s associated with that laxity. The ligaments are lax. If you imagine your knee, you’re walking and your knee has to sit properly on itself, it’s got to stay in position.  You can’t have a knee that’s sliding back and forth, you see that also with people who have wiped out their collateral ligaments, ACLs or PCLs.  So the same thing happens, you get this laxity. Well, that wears and tears a joint, puts a lot of stress on the ligaments around that joint, and that ligament stress then contributes to the arthritic development in that joint as well. 

The treatment then is magnetic field therapy. And for this particular situation, including myasthenia gravis, I do recommend whole-body magnetic therapy. Because of the severity of EDS, I think a higher intensity whole body magnetic system is probably the most important.   

The one I recommend is the Parmeds Pro Special. If you have other problems, like multiple chemical sensitivity,  fibromyalgia,  chronic fatigue syndrome, then you may need something called the Parmeds Super.  With the Parmeds Super, you attach it to a PC and then you can control the frequencies, you can control the intensity and you can control the treatment time.

The standard treatment protocol on the Parmeds Pro Special is typically about 30 minutes, but you’re kind of locked into those 10 programs that are in it, and that can work for you, but I’ve found over the years that you need a lot more control.  The Parmeds Super is basically the same machine as the Parmeds Pro, but you do have the ability then to attach a PC to it that allows you to have much more control and flexibility over the system. 

There is another system that is somewhat similar, and that is the Sedona Pro or the MAS.  I don’t recommend the MAS or Sedona Pro because I think that they’re more expensive than they’re worth.  They only have a magnetic field intensity for the smaller applicator of about a hundred Gauss and the large body pad is only about 25 Gauss.  

I already mentioned the Parmeds Home System, which is 70 Gauss for the whole body pad and 200 Gauss for the smaller applicator, and it has 10 programs to choose from. I don’t think the selectivity is worth the extra cost for these two other systems. I used to carry them, I used to have them on our website, but I found that I couldn’t in good conscience recommend them to people for the costs that they are for the benefits that you’re going to get. The Parmeds home system is a better value and Parmeds Super is a much better value.  The Parmeds Pro Special has a magnetic field intensity for the whole body pad of 150 Gauss and the smaller applicator, the B coil, is a thousand Gauss.  When you’re talking about a thousand and 170 versus many of these systems, the whole body systems are one Gauss or less and almost the same cost.

For EDS I do recommend a higher intensity whole body system that you’re going to need to use for the rest of your life.  EDS, as I said, is genetic and it’s going to be there for the rest of your life. So the sooner you start using magnetic field therapy, the better.  If you know that you have it in your 20s, then you better get going now because of arthritis you’re going to have when you’re 35 and 40 can be pretty significant. So start treating with PEMFs right away. There are no good medical therapies for EDS. I would also recommend something like adding collagen, MSM, glucosamine chondroitin, Meriva, curcumin, with black pepper extract. All of these are very important to help keep the inflammation load down in the body as well.