Transcript: Trigeminal neuralgia is a vexing problem. It’s a horrible problem. People commit suicide because of trigeminal neuralgia. Just imagine that you’ve got somebody jabbing an icepick into your face. Yes,  PEMF therapy can be very, very helpful for that. You have to go low and slow.  In the case where it’s just localized in one specific area of the face, you might be able to get by with a lower intensity portable PEMF system, like a Micropulse or a Flexpulse, but there’s a good chance that you need higher intensity because often these things are deeper into the brain. You have to have higher intensity because of the loss of the intensity of the magnetic field caused by the inverse square law of magnetic field therapy that I go into on my blog on adenosine, and also a video called intensity matters. That’s a critical video to watch as well. So the answer is yes, PEMF therapy can be very helpful, but you may need a consultation. You may need some very specific personal advice.