Transcript: We had a question last time about CBD. I recommend looking at the summit interviews. We had two interviews about CBD and there’s more information than I can give you in any time that I can spend with you here now about CBD.  I  value it,  I recommend it, I use it myself. CBD is a great solution for pain. It’s not the only thing you should use for pain and it doesn’t cause tissue regeneration. Magnetic field therapy helps to decrease symptoms, helps to improve function and helps to regenerate the body. CBD helps with symptoms. It doesn’t help with physiology and doesn’t create functional improvements – only to the extent it improves the discomfort that you have. So it helps with anxiety, pain, and sleep, all of which are very important to help deal with chronic pain. Magnetic therapy works really, really well with CBD, they compliment each other in terms of what they do. I use them together all the time.