Transcript: Any kind of arthritis in the body is managed with PEMF therapies. The earlier you start in the arthritic process, the better. It increases motion, decreases the swelling in joints, decreases the pain in joints and animal studies have shown that you can actually cause healing of the joint itself.  Unfortunately, too many people wait too long to start treatment.  If you’re bone on bone already, then magnetic therapy is just symptom management. 

Arthritis is a good topic because arthritis is not just the cartilage, it’s the whole joint. It’s all the structures around the joint. It’s the tendons and ligaments that support the joint. It’s the synovial capsule. It’s the soft tissue around it, and the cartilage, the ligaments and the menisci in the case of the knees.  All of these structures are involved.

So you’re not just trying to regenerate cartilage. You’re treating the entire knee area. And if you treat the rest of the knee as well, then the knee is healthier and you get better blood supply into the knee. One of the causes of the loss of cartilage in the knee is the loss of blood supply. Cartilage in the knee doesn’t have a good blood supply.  There is some evidence that shows PEMFs can help to regenerate cartilage in the knee. The problem is you need to have cartilage to regenerate cartilage. So you need what’s called a scaffold.  You need to have enough cartilage cells in the knee for cartilage cells to migrate across to cover the gap.

If you’re starting late and you’re bone on bone, then the only thing left for you at this point is a replacement. Five or ten years from now we may be doing cartilage transplants.  It’s also possible that we may be taking your cartilage, which your body will recognize, putting them in a Petri dish, regeneratively regrowing them and then putting them back into your knee. That’s a possibility. But at this point, we’re limited to joint replacements. 

The point is the sooner you start with magnetic field therapy for your arthritis, the better. It doesn’t matter what the arthritis is. In the case of autoimmune arthritis, like psoriatic arthritis, you need to treat the underlying autoimmune disease. We have interviews on the summit about autoimmune disease. I encourage you to get a VIP pass to read about that further.

The drugs that are used for arthritis are potentially disastrous by themselves. Again, they slow down the process but don’t heal anything. The pain solutions summit is to talk about and address the underlying causes and the conditions that lead to these diseases and problems that make them chronic. So addressing the whole spectrum of the problem is the chronic pain solution. The pain solution is in the pain solution summit. Again, I encourage you to get a pass and be able to watch all of these videos and get the downloads, the audios, and the PDFs.