Transcript: Is it wise to use PEMF when you have a foot infection that’s slow to recover even while on antibiotics? I think the topic of infection is very important and because it’s very common I have a whole section in the book on infections. Now, PEMFs are not well-proven to kill bugs – to kill bacteria, viruses, fungi, or parasites for that matter. It’s not proven. The science is just not there to say that it can do that. There’s some science, some evidence that they can. Even treating contaminated water with magnetic field therapy has been found to be very effective to clean out ponds and lakes and water systems. They’re doing some of this in India with magnetic field therapy.  So, we have some evidence that it works. Would I rely on it?  No.

If you have a small bug bite that maybe looks like it’s getting infected, the question is, “Is it infected or inflamed?” If you have an early lesion that looks like it may be getting infected, apply magnetic field therapy. I actually had this happen to me. I had a lesion about the size of a quarter on my leg. This was before I started using pulsed magnetic fields. I put a magnet on that bite, and within two to three hours, it was gone.  The magnetic fields resolved the inflammation and if you resolve the inflammation, you resolve the swelling in the tissues, you improve circulation, you bring the white blood cells to the lesion, then all of a sudden the body heals itself. You give the body a fighting chance. 

When you do antibiotic therapy for somebody, what does it do? Antibiotics are designed to kill the bugs, right? So if I give you an antibiotic for your infection, what heals the infection? Not the antibiotic. You do. Your body does, so you need to have a healing capacity to be able to heal the infection.  When you leave the doctor’s office, the doctor basically says cross your fingers that the body is going to heal itself. 

The more severe the infection, the harder it’s going to be in terms of healing, the more aggressive you could be in using magnetic field therapy for infections – especially significant infections, deep infections like the kidneys, the brain, bones, lungs, bowels.  Magnetic field therapy decreases inflammation, improves circulation, and increases white blood cell function.  One of the things that PEMFs have been found to do is to make the white blood cells in the body that help the body fight infection more effectively. The reason they’re more effective is because when you clear the swamp, get rid of the swelling and inflammation in the tissues that are compromising the circulation to help to heal the inflammation and the infection, then the body does a better job. 

You don’t want to leave things to chance. So if you have an infection and you have a magnetic system, use it. If you have a really significant infection that’s likely to be chronic or severe, I would strongly encourage you to use PEMF therapies along with the antibiotics. They’ll make the antibiotics work better. I think there’s a proper role for antibiotics. Sometimes the body is just overwhelmed by the infection. You need to do something fast because you get too much damage. Infections can be very rapidly damaging and lethal – sepsis, for example. Significant infections like dental infections, sinus infections, ear infections they often resolve on their own, but if you want to get over it much faster, apply magnetic field therapy at the same time, it’ll make all that work much better.

I want to make a point about that, because with deep infections, like pneumonia, the risk of pneumonia is you’ll get scarring in your lungs. The risk of kidney infections, pyelonephritis, is that you’ll get scarring in your kidneys and that scarring compromises the function of that organ.  Will it kill the organ?  Possibly, but more likely it’s just going to decrease the function. And how many insults can an organ take over the years? Especially if you have polycystic kidney disease, or if you have COPD or bronchitis. So people with COPD or chronic bronchitis, magnetic field therapy helps the body to ventilate better, helps the oxygen exchange better, but also decreases the amount of inflammation in the lungs and decreases the risk of infections. And if you’re using magnetic field therapy and you have an infection on top of that, which is very common with chronic bronchitis, then it resolves faster and you don’t have as much progression of the bronchitis process.  You need a magnetic field therapy system that’s strong enough to go deep into the lungs to be able to do the job.