Transcript: Migraines – what frequency, intensity and using mat or paddle? Migraines are fundamentally an inflammatory problem. It’s a headache, it’s pain.  And like any other pain in the body, magnetic field therapy can be useful to help with that pain  – as can acupuncture, red light, and many other therapies. But in terms of magnetic fields, again, the intensity is very important. So depending on the system you have, if you happen to have a BioBalance system, which is 5 Gauss or 10 Gauss in the case of the small pad applicator, it’s going to take you a lot longer to get a benefit. 

Clearly, it’s very important with migraines to start treatment at the very beginning of the migraine. If you wait until it’s really settled in, then you’re going to need dynamite to get rid of it.  That’s why even with the conventional medical therapies that are available you often have to clobber them to be able to get rid of them. Once they’re settled in you may have to go to the ER and get injections of painkillers and for nausea and vomiting to get rid of it. So the sooner you start, the better. 

That means if you have regular migraines, you better own your own system. You can’t do this without having your own system, because you have to have it handy right then and there to be able to treat yourself. 

There is research that shows that a very high-intensity system, about a thousand to two thousand Gauss, applied to the back of the neck on a daily basis prevents migraines. It’s approved by the FDA for that purpose.  It’s very expensive and you don’t actually own it.  It has to be prescribed by a doctor, and good luck finding a doctor who would know anything about it anyway.

So if you do own a PEMF system, try it. Use whatever you can. I recommend the smaller applicators if you have a system that has a whole body pad and a small applicator.  If you have a high-intensity system like a Tesla Fit Plus or one of the Tesla Fit systems, or the Parmeds Flash, then you probably don’t need to treat as long because it’s such a high intensity. It could work very rapidly, especially at the beginning. Again, once the migraine is really settled in, then you may need to treat for a longer period of time. You can treat the back of the head, you can treat the sides of the head.  If you have a single pad applicator you can put it on the side of the head. You’re going to have to experiment a bit to find out which placement works best for you.

You’re going to have to also experiment, and have some experience over time, to find which intensity works best for you.  I usually recommend going low and slow.  If you just got a magnetic system and you have migraines, if you’re using it at the highest intensities already, then your body probably could tolerate it. When the migraine is the worst, that’s when you’re going to be the least likely to tolerate the highest intensity. You may find that to be true. If not, that’s fine. But what I would do is start off with lower intensities and build up to see whether you can tolerate the high intensity at the peak of the migraine. But start at the earliest onset of the migraine when the nervous system is not as irritable, because with really severe migraines, light, sound, all of these can make the migraine much worse. So when you’re that sensitive with the migraine you want to start lower and you might need shorter periods of treatment time before you can tolerate higher intensities and longer treatment time.  You’re going to have to figure that out for yourself. Unfortunately, there is no hard and fast rule. Everything is very individual. Every person is different and their reasons for having migraines are different. So it’s trial and error, experimenting.  

If you do have regular migraines, I really do honestly recommend that you consider getting a PEMF system because that’s going to make your life a lot less uncomfortable. And if you’re using the magnetic therapy on a regular basis, like that FDA approved device shows, using it preventively every single day,  then you can prevent the onset of the migraine.

If you have menstrual migraines, you may want to start treating a day or two before the period begins because then you’re going to affect the chemistry of the cycle. You’re also going to stabilize the nervous system and make it less irritable and probably decrease the inflammation in the brain that’s activating the migraine in the first place.  That irritation and inflammation in the blood vessels of the brain set you up for sensitivity to hormonal fluctuations. So again, pretreatment, regular treatment probably will help to decrease that risk for you.