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Dr. Joseph Mercola is a leading voice in natural health alternatives and an EMF expert.  Dr. Mercola is an osteopathic physician (DO), natural health activist, and founder of mercola.com. 

In the early 1990s, while working in the conventional medical field, Dr. Mercola noticed that these traditional approaches to medicine were failing his patients.  Focusing on modifying diet and increasing physical activity led to great improvement in the health of his patients.

This was the start of his commitment to learning more about the natural and holistic side of medicine.  In 1997, he founded mercola.com, which has become one of the most visited natural health websites in the world.

 Dr. Mercola is widely published in medical and scientific journals, and has authored 15 books, three of which were on the New York Times Bestsellers List.  His most recent book, EMF*D, discusses the hidden dangers and adverse health effects of environmental EMFs, including 5G wireless.

Today, he has brought the top insights he’s developed through his years of experience to the High-Tech Wellness podcast.

Highlights include:

8:30 Satellite Internet and EMFs

14:30 The parallels between the wireless industry and tobacco

30:00 How EMFs impact chronic pain

35:00 Mitigating Exposure

53:00 Invisible Exposure

Dr Mercola will offer these insights:

Satellite Internet and EMFs

The concern isn’t with therapeutic electromagnetic fields, such as those used in ultrasound or PEMF therapy.  But increasingly pervasive environmental EMFs, such as satellite internet, cause biological damage that leads to a range of painful symptoms.

“We’ll have 5G internet over the entire earth. That’s the plan…sometime next year, most of the Northern US States will have it.”

Dr. Mercola wants people to understand that this exposure is unavoidable.

 “You won’t be able to escape it. This is one of the reasons I believe it’s important to understand the risk of this exposure and to take steps to protect your biology, so you don’t get damaged from excessive exposures.”

Dr. Mercola embraces technology while also understanding the risks.  

“…when it’s used in ways that really counteract what were our normal historical experiences are then we have to be really careful.”

The Parallels Between the Wireless Industry and Tobacco

This isn’t the first time in history that industry has used deceptive tactics to make money, Dr. Mercola says.

“Many people don’t realize how big the wireless industry is. It’s bigger than big pharma…they’re just as big as tobacco, probably bigger.”

The comparisons between the wireless industry and tobacco are clear.

“In fact, they’re copying many of the same tactics and strategies that tobacco used successfully to deceive the public from the truth and essentially get decades more of profits…”

These tactics make it even more essential for understanding the impact of the EMFs produced by wireless signals.

“It’s important to understand that there’s risk to exposure to yourself and your family to these frequencies on a regular basis, without seeking to lower your exposure at some time during the day.”


How EMFs Impact Chronic Pain

Environmental EMFs cause oxidative stress and inflammation, leading to pain problems.  Taking steps to reduce exposure won’t magically improve pain, Dr. Mercola says, but will improve biological functions as well as restorative and regenerative capacity to help with healing.

“You want to take away the unnecessary burden that your body has to deal with.”

Mitigating Exposure

 Two main sources of environmental EMF exposure are cell phones and wireless internet. Controlling exposure to these are two areas that you have personal control.

Not holding a cell phone directly to your ear is one way to reduce exposure. Another, Dr. Mercola says, is to use cell phones less.

 “It does serve a very useful purpose, but most of the time you don’t need to use it.”

Using a wired headset can help, but wireless earbuds should be avoided.

 “The last thing you want to do is use wireless earbuds or Air Pods…even when they’re not talking, they’re still being radiated by the frequencies in the Air Pods.”

Creating a sanctuary from wireless internet at home helps combat constant exposure, Dr. Mercola says.

 “There’s no reason to have your wireless on at night…The better strategy is to remove it completely…go back to the wired in your home.”


Invisible Exposure

When Dr. Pawluk asks about other exposures, Dr. Mercola emphasizes that one of the biggest problems with environmental EMFs is that they can’t be seen.

 “Unlike tobacco, you can’t smell it.  You can’t sense it in any way unless you have a meter.”


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