ePad Friends


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Includes control unit, pad applicator, power cord



Product Description

  • 3 programs: rest, energy, health
  • 2 operating modes: auto and continuous
  • Gentle, effective magnetic stimulation
  • Dirt and water repellant

How to set up

Technical Information

Waveform: rectangular
Maximum Intensity: 0.4 gauss (40 microTesla)
Frequency Range: 3/8/25 Hz
Number of Programs: 3; Rest, Energy, Health
Program Duration: Auto-mode 25 minutes; continuous mode 8 hours
Power: Ext. power adapter. Input: 100-240V AC. Output: 12V 2A DC
Controller: Dimensions: 5″ x 2.5″ x 0.5″. Material: Plastic
Applicator: Dimensions: 33.5″ x 22.8″. Material: EVA foam and Polyamide cover
Warranty Period: 2 years
Return Period: 30 days


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