The Almag is a local PEMF device. In this video, Dr. Pawluk explains when and why he suggests the Almag device for patients.

This is the Almag pulsed electromagnetic therapy device. This is a Russian-made system that I like very much because it’s portable and it’s very durable in its construction and every one of these coils produces a magnetic field so when you measure the magnetic field from this it produces a very large field around the body so the intensity of this system is about 200 Gauss, which is very nice.

The Almag PEMF device is simple to use

It’s got only one frequency, so it makes it very simple to operate. So, if you got back problems or if you have our osteoporosis or osteopenia and neck problems or shoulder problems it gets a very substantial part of the body so putting it on like for example my thigh here the magnetic field can go out about two to three feet. It’s very simple to operate and runs for 20 minutes then shuts itself off. If you want to run it longer you turn it on and off. Plug it into a power strip and run another 20 minutes so you could run it up upwards of five hours a day. I don’t recommend that much but you can run it for a long period of time. It still requires current to operate but again portable very easy to use. I use it on patients and use it on family members, pets, etc.  Being that it is so simple to use, I frequently recommend this for people who want something where they can simply plug it in and the machine does most of the work.