Experiencing pain at night caused by CTS? Waking up with numbness from CTS? Let me share my own experience with CTS and how PEMFs have helped support his symptoms. Please watch video above.

PEMF helps with Carpal Tunnel Syndrome

Research has shown that magnetic field therapy, whether with static magnets or PEMFs, even applied over relatively short periods can produce significant benefits, even cure. None of the studies available and reviewed followed individuals to resolution of their symptoms. How long it would take to achieve resolution would depend very much on the particular magnetic field systems used, the severity of the condition, how long it has been there, how active the person was in applying the treatments, whether appropriate steps were taken to limit aggravation of the condition, age of the individual, and health factors, nutritional status, among others.

Static magnets appear to be somewhat effective but the intensity of the magnetic system and the length of time they need to be worn will determine effectiveness. Higher intensity static magnets need to be used for the best results. Static magnets are less expensive. They can be easily placed in splints.

PEMFs more effective than static magnets

Based on the principles of physics and physiology, PEMFs are expected to be more effective than static magnets. PEMFs have the additional advantage of being able to be used for many other purposes and allow the ability to reach deeper into the body to help many other health problems.

While there are very few comparisons of PEMFs and other therapeutic approaches, at the very least PEMFs appear to be equal to or better than ultrasound and surgery and the benefits are are even better when combined with antioxidant nutraceuticals.

Magnetic field therapy avoids the risks of injections, drugs and surgical procedures. Since surgery has a non-insignificant rate of complications and failure, magnetic field therapy should be the first line of treatment before these other approaches are used. Many other approaches such as laser, acupuncture, physical therapy, chiropractic, and others often provide only short-term benefit and are inconvenient. Magnetic field therapy, whether with static magnets or PEMFs can be conveniently applied for as long as is needed to produce results. Intense application is useful early and then is able to be applied as needed afterwards if there are recurrences.