The Earth Pulse is a local, powerful PEMF device primarily intended to improve sleep. In this video, Dr. Pawluk explains when and why he suggests the Earth Pulse device for patients.

This is the earth pulse device. I was originally introduced to the earth pulse and became involved with the earth pulse because it’s one of the few systems at the time that we began to work with it that could operate upwards of 12 hours.

Earth Pulse “portability”

You can operate for extended periods of time it does have to be plugged in. You can get an adapter we can plug it into a car as well so it’s got that length of time that it can be used for and one of the primary design features of this, that I’ve actually had some input in in terms of how it should be designed, is to be able to be used for sleep. So that’s what are the primary values you could actually set it up for a specific frequency sets in sleep you can do it for light sleep and you could do it for deep sleep but also a setting for relaxation, it has a recovery program, as well that helps with healing.

How do I work my Earth Pulse?

The applicator is attached by long cord to the control unit that allows you to be able to actually place the applicator on different parts of the body, so it can be used for local treatment. For example, you could put it to the base of the head for treatment of headaches, you can put over a shoulder to treat a shoulder problem, over the back etc. It has a pretty good field intensity for a device this small and it’s designed the coil is designed to deliver a fairly high intensity magnetic field making it very useful for a wide range of applications.