One of the most common questions that I hear from people is, “Are magnetic fields bad for me?” There is much confusion about this. Healthy EMFs (electromagnetic frequencies) restore cellular function and communication. The main differences between good and bad EMFs is exposure time, intensity and frequency. Good EMFs are meant to heal the body and are in control of the user. Bad EMFs are not meant to heal the body and are usually out of the control of the user. Bad EMFs are also unknown in human nature until recently were not really understood their effects on humans.  Good EMFs have a frequency range of less than 1000 pulses-per second or Hz. Power lines have a 50-60 Hz when clean. These Power lines are almost always filled with bad waves.

What is a good EMF and what is a bad EMF?

Confusion often stems from our electric power grids using 50-60 Hz frequencies, which fall within the same frequency range as many therapeutic PEMFs. There are a few important differences to keep in mind when comparing these EMF sources. By far, the strongest man-made magnetic fields are emitted from high voltage transmission lines (which are the big metal towers, not the single wires that tend to run through neighborhoods on wooden poles). It is generally accepted that a “safe distance” from large power lines is about 700 feet (or 0.1 mile), and a “safe distance” from the neighborhood lines is as little as ten feet.

The intended 50-60 Hz frequency of power lines is becoming increasingly contaminated with surges of radio frequency EMF radiation, often referred to as “dirty electricity.” Modern electrical devices tend to induce high levels of these surges or spikes back into the electrical system. Therefore, our power grids are contaminated with frequencies much higher than the intended 50-60 Hz and it is likely that these high-frequency, short-wavelength surges are the cause for some concern.

Why therapeutic EMFs are helpful and can help negate harmful EMFs

PEMFs can be used to counter these dirty frequencies by using various devices that cleanup said emitted frequencies. Therapeutic ELF PEMFs pose almost no harm to the body as has been shown with use over five decades and by millions of people. Therapeutic ELF PEMFs, because of their much longer wavelengths, pass completely through the body, energizing cells, helping to re-balance and restore body functions and health. Daily use of whole body healthy PEMFs can help significantly to offset the negative effects of undesirable environmental magnetic fields.

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