Dr. Pawluk gives a product overview of the Harmony USB pulsed electromagnetic therapy device that plugs into your computer’s USB slot and can reduce dirty electricity from your computer, laptop, or tablet device and improve focus for the user. For more technical data please head to the product page here!

The smallest electromagnetic device that we have available to us is called the harmony USB. Harmony plugs into a USB port it is actually electromagnetic circuitry by doing that what you’re going to do is it turns itself on using the power of the computer and it begins to flash it produces or emits the two cycles and alternates between 1.2 cycles per second and 7.83 cycles per second. So, with this plugged into your laptop or into your desktop wherever your workstation happens to be you will begin to resonate the body at the two frequencies I mentioned which will then cause the body to relax.

What do the two cycles of the Harmony USB do?

7.83 Hertz is the theta range and theta is the brainwave range that is basically in light sleep we spend most of our night in theta. 1.2 Hertz is Delta that is the deepest sleep that we go into during the night which is the most restorative sleep so when I talk about a 1.2 Hertz or 7.83 Hertz which are in the lower brainwave frequency patterns there’s a natural tendency to

think, well then maybe that’s just could have slowed my brain down too much 1.2 Hertz. Again this is not strong enough to bring your brain to Delta it’s really to resonate your body at a slightly lower frequency to distress yourself so again it’s not going to overwhelm you it’s not going to make you feel tired, in fact if anything, it should make you feel refreshed because the stress of not only your own life but the stress of the frequencies around you actually make you more depleted than this ever will, and if anything what this will do is to strengthen and harmonize the body’s own frequencies so that you will feel  less stressed and less fatigued at the end of a work day. So these two frequencies are designed into this device to help to balance the body and call the body to relax and to resonate itself by amplifying the resonant powers of those frequencies in the body then the body becomes more resistant to the “Electro-smog” being produced by the computer to whatever extent that happens to be and certainly the smog around us. How many of us actually have routers in the room that we have to work with our computers if you work in an office building I can tell you right now you have a huge amount of Wi-Fi in order to cover the entire building the Wi-Fi signal has to be very strong so you can take your desktop computer in your office plug in your harmony into the USB port and then protect yourself.