Learning about and choosing a PEMF (Pulsed Electromagnetic Field) system can be very confusing. There is a huge amount of information now available on the Internet about various kinds of pulsed magnetic field therapy systems. Much of it is conflicting. Poorly informed individuals post opinions. Manufacturers post opinions. Even professionals post opinions, which vary from professionals.

Below I provide a number of what I consider to be misinformed comments about PEMFs.

  1. High intensity PEMFs are bad for you. 
    The people who make this claim have completely ignored the scientific literature. There is a large amount of research supporting the use of high intensity PEMFs for a vast range of problems. In fact, research looking at high intensity PEMFs to the brain supports their safety as well.
  2. Only high intensity PEMFs work. 
    There are those who also claim that high intensity PEMFs are the only kinds of PEMFs that work. They also ignore a large amount of research demonstrating that lower intensity, medium strength PEMFs are extraordinarily effective across a vast range of health problems.
  3. Low intensity PEMFs aren’t effective. 
    While low intensity PEMFs, under 5 gauss (500 uT), have not been found to be very effective in research for specific health conditions, many people experience benefits. Very low intensity PEMFs may be most effective for health maintenance, for people with significant electrical or EMF sensitivity, and for improving circulation among other benefits.
  4. There is only one PEMF system that improves circulation. 
    All PEMFs improves circulation. Even a locally applied PEMF stimulator will, by reflexive action on the nervous system and chemical components of the blood, improve circulation throughout the body. Circulation enhancement will be greatest in the area of the applicator. Whole body application of a PEMF stimulator will improve circulation in a larger area of the body. Because of the natural drop-off of intensity of the PEMF signal from one area of the body to another, even whole-body stimulation will not cause evenly improved circulation. Some manufacturers have documented improvements in circulation with their specific device, but this doesn’t mean that others will not have the same action and benefit. Circulation improvements need to be put into perspective as well, given all the other actions and benefits of PEMFs, and should be considered only one component of the benefits, not infrequently the least important. Ultimately it is the body that decides which particular action of a PEMF signal it will produce. Over time all the various actions of the PEMF signal combined are likely needed to produce the best, most durable and most effective outcomes.
  5. Only certain waveforms are effective. 
    While many devices use specific waveforms, the waveform is likely less important than the amount of charge it can induce in the body. Almost any waveform can be designed in such a way as to maximize the amount of charge produced for the amount of voltage required to produce that charge. That means that some waveforms may be more efficient for charge production but not exclusive.
  6. A specific frequency is the only one that works. 
    A vast range of frequencies have been tested in research to treat a wide range of health conditions. Numerous frequencies have been found to be effective for many individual conditions. There is no specific frequency that will solve all problems or help every health condition. On the other hand, almost any frequency will help almost any problem, especially frequencies under 100 kHz. There are specific frequencies that have been tested for specific problems and have appeared to produce benefits. Again, however, they are not likely to be exclusive in their benefits.
  7. You should only use “earth-based” frequencies.
    A number of manufacturers claim that their systems are more effective because they use “earth-based” versus other types of frequencies. Most of the time these earth-based frequencies are not defined. The fact is that the earth itself naturally includes a vast range of frequencies. These include those in the ionosphere, the so-called Schumann resonances, ranging from 1 – 100 Hz, as well as those entering the polar regions from space, those emitted from natural materials, the rays of the sun, colors around us, and many others. Even the static magnetic field of the earth varies, not only day-to-day but also around the planet. Even the so-called 7.8 Hz Schumann resonance is not the only Schumann resonance. All of the Schumann resonances are important to human functioning. Each 1 producing different effects and having different benefits.
  8. You only need to treat yourself 8 minutes at a time. 
    A number of magnetic systems promote the use of 8-minute treatment times. There is no solid evidence to support this claim. A large number of studies have used various treatment times with great benefit. Studies are often limited by very practical considerations and optimal treatment times are hard to define. Ultimately, the individual determines the amount of treatment time to which to commit. Some PEMF systems are actually used upwards of 12 hours per day with no untoward effects and with dramatic benefits.

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