The Medithera PEMF system is ideal for those who are chemically or electrically sensitive. In this video, Dr. Pawluk explains when and why he suggests the Medithera system for patients.

This is the Medithera. I originally got involved with the Medithera home system because of this signal. I had again worked with other whole-body magnetic systems that had both local applicators as well as the whole body applicators and I knew, I recognized that there were signal differences among these various systems and one of the aspects of these systems is some of them actually are fairly old technologies.

Old technology vs. Medithera’s newer technology

Now that’s still very effective, but they’re older technologies and we’ve learned over the years that there could be some issues with some of the frequencies that are in those technical other devices and sometimes those frequencies create sensitivities for people. So what we wanted to do is to have a system that had very pure signal, that was much more like what we call an action potential in the body. It’s much more like that of the electrical signal of the cells in the body and also the engineers that would develop this realized because of the what we call “electro smog” or “dirty electricity” and line currents and other issues that come into the machine, they actually end up in the applicators so the Medithera engineers clean that up so it’s one of the cleaner signals that we have.

Medithera programs

It allows you to select a relaxed program, it allows you to select basically a wellness and balancing middle-of-the-road program and it still has an active program. You have ten different settings that you can change the intensities with and so I recommend it to patients largely who have sensitivities who are a whole-body system and particularly want a newer technology.