Formerly the Curatron Systems, the Parmeds brand of PEMF devices are very versatile, relatively high-intensity full-body PEMF systems. In this video, Dr. Pawluk explains when and why he suggests this system for patients.

The Parmeds Ultra 3D System is a high intensity whole body system with computer connectivity. The complete package includes the optional Butterfly Coil accessory.

This unit has 10 unique preset programs. Each program contains various frequencies. When the control unit is connected to a computer, 72 additional programs become available, and the user also has the option to create their own programs.

The maximum intensity is 500 gauss (50,000 microTesla) on the whole-body 3D mat. Intensities for preset programs are not adjustable. On the user-created programs, intensities can be adjusted from 20% to 150% in 10% increments. The butterfly coil pad accessory reaches a maximum intensity of 1,600 gauss (160,000 microTesla).

Treatment times are preset based on which program you have selected, and range from 20 to 30 minutes. For user-created programs, treatment time can be adjusted from 1 to 99 minutes.

This is the par meds system made by Curatron. I really got involved with this system primarily because it has a high intensity application. It’s got number of different applicators both

half body & whole body and pillow applicators and in fact actually the pillow applicators come in different intensities.

More intensities = more diversity

I like that because it gives me the opportunity then to manage the intensities that we need for people with various problems. It comes pre-designed with about ten programs. In it the specific frequency sets so there’s one set of programs that are about 20% of the intensity that you normally have, and the rest are higher intensity 100% and up to 150% this system fits right in the middle of between extremely high intensity systems and the basic medium intensity systems.

Where does the Parmeds (Curatron) system fall on the PEMF scale?

I use it a lot and recommend that extensively we’ve had tremendous results with patients with this and other individual’s treatment courses are very simple. The programs are fairly simple to use, and the manual is pretty self-explanatory so it could be used for a whole range of health conditions it doesn’t matter what you get or even though you may have. A very bad back problem? Which is one of the common reasons I recommend it. It could still be used for a range of other health conditions. The other thing I like about the system is it was extensively

studied in Israel in hospitals and the doctors and that’s how some of these frequency sets became evolved or how they came to be. This machine has that legacy of evaluation and research with a high intensity system that you expect. Making sure that these have been used in a setting to treat people is very important so that products like this can (safely) be sold to the consumer to use in home.