The PEMF 120 (known as the PEMF-100 in Europe) is a high-intensity system for local and whole-body applications and is generally used by clinicians. In this video, Dr. Pawluk explains when and why he would use or recommend the PEMF-120 system.

This is the PEMF 120. This system is derived from a Greek system that was much bigger much bulkier and the engineering on it has been improved tremendously. I like this system and I use it because it’s important in specific situations that are not accessible or not managed by other magnetic systems.

High intensity that can create muscle contractions

It has an extremely high field intensity. The field intensity is so strong that it can actually initiate muscle contractions, and if you do it improperly you can actually damage the muscle.  The amount of contractions can be so powerful that it can actually be damaging so you have to be careful around implants, you have to be careful around fillings, and so again it’s a professional level system. It can be used by consumers but it should be used under professional guidance, instruction, direction, or support but it does a tremendous job! I use it in my practice regularly. I use it for patients with stubborn problems that are not getting better by with other devices. I’ve had a number of spectacular successes with it, a number of people just did not respond to anything else, so again it has a part in a repertoire of different devices. It can be used for health maintenance, as there is a whole-body pad that’s used at the lowest level of intensities on the system. Most of the applicators in this system are designed for specific treatment areas for local application essentially but as I said there is a whole-body system which is actually very nice I have used it myself many times that can be gentle and safe to use.

This machine has a wide range of uses as intensities, so you should make sure you have the proper knowledge and support before starting to use a system such as this with a super high intensity.