The Sota Magnetic Pulser is a local, powerful PEMF device. In this video, Dr. Pawluk explains when and why he suggests the Sota device for patients.

This is the SOTA magnetic pulser. It comes in a nice carrying case and this is the control unit and this is the actual magnetic inducer produces the magnetic field when you turn it on. Press the button here and it’ll beep and then you’ll see these green lights flashing on it they gradually light up and then finally they turn red there’s a little lightning bolt sign there and that when it flashes red it indicates that it’s just released the magnetic pulse. You can turn the sound on and off as well. The soda name is on one side of the paddle and on the other side it says use this side. The magnetic field coil is in here and when it’s running after a while because the coil is in case that’s enclosed it heats up, it’s like a heating pad in a sense but it’s much more intense so the longer you run it the hotter it may get.


What can I treat with the Sota magnetic pulser?

All you really need to do then is to take the side that  says put against this so I put it up against the part of the body that you want treatment and you could leave it there for the whole twenty minutes if you want. If it’s a particularly bad problem or you can say maybe do five minutes in this location you could do five minutes in the other shoulder you could put over a hip or over a knee, an abdomen, or over the chest to treat bronchitis, an elbow for carpal tunnel. Basically any problem that you have in the body that you want to energize and to treat you can put it up against the skin that’s not a problem, it will go right through clothing, it’ll go through leather, it will go through your shoes so you actually you could actually treat a plantar fasciitis or a heel spur just put it under the shoe. You don’t need to take the shoe off because it’ll go right on through. You’ll discover for yourself what ways you want to use it the best, how much time you need to use it for. I would normally recommend using it at least once a day preferably at the end of the day so you can combine it with other pulsed magnetic field therapies.