The TeslaFit duo is a unique medium to high intensity PEMF system, delivering a maximum intensity of around 5220 Gauss. It is unique in that it essentially has two separate pulsed PEMF systems inside the control unit. Other PEMF systems that have two channels do not allow separate control of intensity and time for each channel. The two separate channel system allows individuals to treat two areas of the body at the same time effectively almost doubling the intensity between applicators for individual personal use. For professional use, two applicators can be used for a single individual or two separate individuals can be treated simultaneously, while individually adjusting the intensity and time. This can dramatically increase the effective throughput of a practice.

For individual use,  the TeslaFit Duo can treat two different areas of the body at the same time decreasing the total treatment time needed. An example is treating the back and knees at the same time. Or, an individual may be able to treat a single area of the body, such as the chest, to the front and the back at the same time, effectively creating a magnetic sandwich with a higher magnetic field intensities between the two applicators.

An additional unique feature of this system is that it allows a choice between separate channels to operate or two channels simultaneously. When two separate channels are used, the full power of each channel goes to each one separately, alternating back and forth, allowing maximum PEMF intensity to be used. This is especially useful when the highest intensities are needed. When the simultaneous mode is chosen the power is divided in half to each channel. This means the applicators are pulsing at the same rate, time and intensity.

There are opportunities to use two applicators combined covering a larger area simultaneously, for example, the back and the lower extremities.

The real value of the TeslaFit Duo system is the flexibility in selecting treatment times, programs and intensities. Even though the maximum intensity is lower than many other much higher intensity systems, the practicality always the higher intensities. Often, the highest intensities available from the higher intensity systems cannot be used because of individual sensitivity. So, the duo is going to be more efficient for both personal and professional use.

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