How Deep Does 5000 Gauss Go?

Transcript: How deep does 5,000 Gauss go? I don’t have my tables with me. All extremely low-frequency magnetic fields pass all the way through the body. The question is the intensity, and what intensity do you need to do the healing work? That’s the key. 

A 4,000 Gauss magnetic field will deliver 15 Gauss approximately five inches into the body. So a 5,000 Gauss magnetic field will deliver that same intensity deeper into the body, probably closer to six inches into the body. If you’re trying to treat from the front to the back, trying to treat the liver or the lungs, then you need the higher intensity system to go all the way through to the back. The whole volume of that area needs to have the magnetic field delivered to it. 

Now, it’s going to 5,000 Gauss here, but it’s only going to get 15 Gauss at the other end. A big question – and a good question – is, if I only need 15 Gauss, then this is wasted. Yes, but it’s not harmful. But if your whole lung is involved, your whole liver is involved, your whole belly is involved, if your kidneys are involved, then you need to make sure you’re delivering at least the amount that you need at the tissue where you’re going. Unfortunately, that’s just because of the physics. There’s no harm in having extra. 

I should also say that every time you do magnetic field therapy, all the tissues that are exposed to the magnetic fields are waking up. Everything, whether it’s healthy or sick, is getting improved and becoming healthier. Everything’s getting more energy. If it’s completely healthy and completely balanced, it doesn’t need more energy, and it basically ignores the magnetic field. But what in our bodies doesn’t need help? 

That’s why we do health maintenance, right? We want to maintain the aging curve at a flatter level. And magnetic field therapy can maintain it at a flatter level by rebalancing tissues. I’ll give you an example. We have 100 trillion cells in our body. At any given time, if your left little toe decides to get a hangnail, how many cells have we damaged before you notice that you have a hangnail? Millions. So there are millions of cells that are damaged, your body’s not aware of it, your brain is not aware of it, that are damaged and that are marching on the path to being noticed, to being an injury, to being a problem for you.

If you’re delivering 15 Gauss on a constant basis into the tissues, then all of a sudden that tissue has enough energy to heal itself at a point before it’s gone beyond irreversible damage. That’s called the cell injury model. I write about that and  I have some information on that on the website: the cell injury model. So, If you’re delivering energy on a regular basis to those tissues, then they’re getting healed before they get to be a problem. 

Now, obviously you can’t avoid everything, but I do know that magnetic field therapy is probably very good therapy for health maintenance. With the right intensity magnetic field therapy is probably very good therapy for cancer prevention, if you’re doing it on a regular basis with sufficient intensity. If you’re starting off with one Gauss you’re not going to get much help in terms of cancer prevention. But if you’re starting off with 5,000 Gauss, you’re going to be getting a lot of cancer prevention in all the tissues that the magnetic field goes through. Hopefully, that helps to answer the importance of the depth and the fact that even though you’re treating one particular problem, other tissues are getting benefits too, that you may not even be aware that they need help.