Hear what others are saying about their experience with DrPawluk.com! Are you having trouble deciding on what device to get to best suit your needs? Or perhaps you’re on the fence about pulsed electromagnetic field therapy in general. Whatever the case may be, you should look at what other people are saying about their experience, both with our team and with our products. Our team will go above and beyond to make sure that you get the help you need in order to make the best decision based on your individual needs, and within your budget.

What a pleasant experience to learn about what device would be best for our situation. We are thinking about also purchasing another whole-body device. The training is amazing and will share it with my chiropractor and anyone else who would listen. If I were rich, I would purchase one for all the hurting people I know!!!
Teacher G.

Just received my Parmeds home unit. Excellent communication and expected delivery. Looking forward to the health benefits. Will update our review after some time has passed. It’s been only four days, and we are very optimistic!
Jill S.

I am very pleased with the knowledge that Dr. Pawluk has regarding PEMF therapy. I have spent several months researching PEMF and have had to sort through a lot of misinformation. I rely on Dr. Pawluk and his website for accurate information, and I consider him to be the foremost authority on this subject matter. Thank you.
Brian Y.

BioBalance PEMF Therapy has been a great addition to Apothecary Creations service options! Our clients are seeing amazing results!
Sybil B.

Truly an amazing Physician with a knowledge of advanced PEMF second to none. Enjoyed our mutual Research Hospital Project in 2003-2005.
Cris A.

I found Dr. William Pawluk from his Power Tools for Health book on Amazon. I never knew how PEMF devices worked or that they can help so much with pain. I’m thrilled with Dr. Pawluk and his knowledge and advice, he is THE recognized authority in the PEMF community.
Bret G.

I made a full-time job of researching PEMF machines and which company to purchase from. I got the most medically relevant information from Dr. Pawluk and his staff as well as phenomenal service. I purchased the Parmeds Ultra and it is of the highest quality. To be honest I won’t know if it will solve my problem just yet because bone takes a while to regrow but if any machine can do it, I am confident this is the one. The first couple times I used it I got the unexpected benefit of having it stop my menstrual bleeding that had been occurring as light bleeding for over 30 days. I felt an awareness of the area of the uterus as I was on the machine and within an hour the bleeding stopped. I have also had more energy than I have had in years.

Update: I was pleased in the review above and I just now finished a consultation with Dr. Pawluk. He is so wonderful to check in and make sure that I am getting personalized recommendations to optimize my wellness. I did experience a couple days of detox and inflammation and he explained that so well. You can tell Dr. Pawluk is passionate about making sure people get the information they need. He is a great resource for this technology

Addie K.

Dr. Pawluk, thank you for restoring my health beginning 10 -12 years ago. Dr. Hans Nieper and you are the best doctors in the world for helping me with my multiple sclerosis (MS)!

Forever grateful!

Charles P.

If you decide to purchase a PEMF machine, I strongly suggest that you contact Dr. Pawluk and purchase a machine through him at Drpawluk.com. Like Dr. Centeno at Regenexx, I can personally vouch for the professional integrity of Dr. Pawluk, as I have been in contact with him over the years, and have purchased a smaller SomaPulse PEMF machine off him before.

I would like to point out that I have no monetary mechanism or affiliate relationship in place to receive any funds from any of my recommendations, nor have I been in touch with Dr. Centeno or Dr. Pawluk for years. I simply believe that they are upright professionals, and that they can offer you good advice, along with outstanding services.

Oliver G.

I Have Had My Bio Balance Mat For Two Weeks Now… This Mat Has Done More For Me In Healing My Aches And Pains Than Anything I Have Ever Done For Myself… I Am A 69 Year Old Man That Has Had Tremendous Stiffness In My Neck, Lower Back And Thighs And Especially My Neck… The Relief Has Been Astounding… I Am A Believer… The Best Investment I Have Ever Made For Myself… Blessings To The Good People At Bio Balance, Especially Lisa… She Made Everything So Easy… Thank You, Lisa!

Bruce B.

I purchased the mediThera system after hearing about it from a trusted source…not really knowing what to expect. Recently as a result of my concerns over 5G, I have been learning a lot about energy therapies and life force energy so this concept was nothing new to me. While I am in my mid-40s and in relatively good health, I believe that prophylactic medicine is always best. I do have a few items of concern. #1 – sleep. All I can say is since the first day of using this product, I haven’t slept this well in ages. I live in the big city and there are millions of unnatural items that compromise my ability to sleep. And I’ve tried everything from heavy blind folds and noise cancelers to grounding matts. None of them have works. This however works. #2 – allergies. I cannot say for sure that this is helping my allergies as I’m taking a multidisciplinary approach to naturally treating myself. I do believe that part of the treatment benefits includes returning my cells back to a state of normalcy and my hope is that I am doing so with my daily treatments. I still have allergies but to date, I have yet to concede to pills. #3 joint pain. I have several issues with both knees and my left shoulder so I use the system locally to treat them. Since I’ve started I have regained feeling in my knees and shoulder to the point where I’m sensitive of further damage again. This is allowing me to increase my workout to help build muscle in the hopes of decreasing the scarring. I will continue to monitor what happens there. #4 tissue treatment. Again with my understanding of energy and natural medicine, I use the mediThera system for overall health alignment and treatment. I recently had a friend of mine pass (same age) which is another reminder of how delicate our bodies can be and I believe that frequency treatment will help. The mediThera system works great. I can feel the energy radiating from it while in use and it’s become a part of my daily routine. I’ve had others try it as well without informing them of what to expect and each have reported that they feel “something”. I will continue to track and monitor my progress.

D. SA.

Dr. Pawluk was very helpful and suggested additional testing with my own physician before making a decision to purchase a device. It’s clear that his goal is to assist rather than just sell. I’m optimistic that I will find help with my issues based on his guidance.
Nan C.

PEMF’s work for me! I’m almost 70 and an ultra-long-distance bicycle racer. What do I use to keep my aging knees going…sometimes for hundreds of miles a day? I use a portable, battery-operated device from Dr. Bill!
Greg C.

I’ve had my biobalance mat for 1 week so far and I’m loving it! I notice some energy and mood improvements and I hope and expect them to continue. I also had opportunity to reach out to Biobalance’s customer relations and operations team and I spoke with the manager, Lisa H. My conversation with her was easily the best customer service call I’ve ever had! Firstly, I reached them with ease which everyone knows these days is next to impossible, press 1 for this, if you’re this press 2 etc. I actually got right through to the manager Lisa. She was delightful and pleasant! Though I had (too) many questions, some of which may have been less than basic, she was patient and didn’t rush my call. Her command of her product was great, and she even shared a personal anecdote on how the mat helps her.

I am completely happy with all aspects of my Biobalance experience!

Ray G.

Both Dr. Pawluk and his assistant, Lisa, are extremely helpful and knowledgeable about PEMF and the PEMF devices they sell, and are personable and easy to work with, as well. The website is very informative and accessible, and Dr. Pawluk even offers phone consultations to help you decide which system fits your needs and your budget. When I spoke with him, it was clear that his only concern was to help me find the system that best suited both my needs and budget. He handled both concerns with sensitivity. Thanks to both!
Deanna K.

Since receiving my Pulsed Harmonix unit at the end of March, the results have been incredible. I have not taken any type of pain medication in six months.  I’m kneeling on my arthritic knee directly on concrete without any pain. My energy level is off the charts, my quality of sleep has improved, I’m more relaxed. I’ve had a cyst on my spine over twenty years, caused some discomfort laying on my back, surgeons wanted it removed, but because they say it is around my spine would not operate, it has now disappeared.

And the main reason we purchased the unit was for my low back pain, this has worked incredibly!

Tony V.

I have studied various PEMF devices for several years and consider Dr. Pawluk to be the country’s leading expert. I enjoy his no-nonsense reviews and his ability to discuss what I think will be an even more important healing modality in the near future. HIs book is an excellent tool for anyone who owns or is considering entering the world of PEMF.

“Power Tools for Health” is an outstanding contribution to the knowledge-base consumers have available to them for improving their health. Dr. Pawluk has done an excellent job of pulling together decades of technical, academic research into a single volume that is understandable for lay reader. If you plan on buying or already own a PEMF device this will be your most valuable resource. Thank you Dr. Pawluk!



If you are one who takes charge of your own health and you are considering a PEMF device, we encourage you  to go through Dr. Pawluk, an MD who has specialized in using PEMF with his patients for 25   years.  His  website has an enormous amount of information and is extremely helpful in determining if such a purchase might be beneficial for one’s health, and if so, guidelines on what unit to purchase.  His website also includes units he does not carry (and he explains why.) We found the latter very useful since we had been approached by a seller of another PEMF device that was almost three times as expensive, with far less power and intensity, and thus less  benefit at more cost.

Dr. Pawluk also has extremely helpful and efficient staff to assist customers.  They include information from Dr. Pawluk with  each unit, which is so beneficial for a new user to get up and running quickly.  They also charge the batteries on units so that if one wants to use that method of power immediately, you are ready to go!  We cannot say enough about Dr. Pawluk and his staff!  We have purchased two units and one of our mothers (83 years young!) has also purchased one.  We could not be more pleased and give Dr. Pawluk and his staff a five star rating!

Susan & Bill H.