PEMF-120 Desktop Rental

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Includes PEMF-120 desktop control unit, straight/rope coil, single loop coil, double butterfly coil, paddle coil, mat (18″ x 23″), and power cord. PLEASE CALL OFFICE FOR AVAILABILITY OF RENTAL, TOLL-FREE 866-455-7688. THANK YOU.

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The PEMF-120 is a high intensity impulse system popular with practitioners. The Desktop model is most often used in a clinical setting.

This unit has a single program, with impulse rate (pulses per second) dependent on the intensity level chosen. The higher the intensity, the slower the pulse rate will be. At the lowest intensity, pulse rate is close to 4 pulses per second and at the highest intensity pulse rate is slower than one pulse per second.

The maximum intensity of the system is 9,360 Gauss (936,000 microTesla). Most people will not use the system at that level. Even at half-power, this unit is capable of producing muscle contractions in the user.

Treatment time depends entirely on the user and condition being treated. The newest model of the PEMF-120 has an adjustable timer that can be set for between 1 and 10 minutes.



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Rental Program Details:

Rental Period:  45 days
Rental Fee:  $2,000
Security Deposit:  $2,000
Shipping Fee:  Free

*Please note that at this time, the PEMF-120 may only be rented by clinicians or practitioners.

Click here to download the PEMF-120 Desktop Rental Form

Technical information

Technical information as provided by manufacturer:

Waveform:  impulse
Maximum Intensity:  9,360 Gauss (936,000 microTesla)
Pulse Rate: < 4/second, depending on intensity
Program Duration:  1 -10 minutes
Input Power:  120 V AC


 control unit: 16.5″ x 15.75″ x 5.5″ (includes knob and feet)
Applicator Dimensions:  straight rope: 20 feet long
Applicator Dimensions:  single loop coil: 12″ diameter
Applicator Dimensions:  double butterfly coil: 7″ diameter each loop
Accessory Dimensions:  paddle: 7″ round
Weight:  control unit: 45 lbs
Warranty Period:  control unit: 3 years
Warranty Period:  applicators: 6 months
Return Period:  45 Days
Restocking Fee:  N/A

Shipping & Return

Shipping and Delivery:

Rental units will be shipped only within the USA.
Product will be shipped within 2 business days. Once shipped, allow 4-5 business days for US delivery. A signature is required for delivery.

Return Policy:

At the end of your rental period, the product needs to be returned to us (HEP, LLC, 1001 Cromwell Bridge Road, Suite 312, Towson, MD 21286). Prior to the last day of your rental period, you need to contact the office at 866-455-7688 to obtain a RMA number and return instructions. For further rental information, please refer to your rental agreement.

Customer is responsible for return shipping fees.