Rental Terms & Conditions

PEMF Rentals: Your rental period will begin the day you receive the system. Rental start and end dates will be located on the renter’s invoice, which will be included with the rented unit. Upon or prior to rental end date, renter must contact Dr. Pawluk’s office (866-987-0514 or if he/she wishes to return the rented system.

  1. Renter agrees on paying return shipping charges. Rental system needs to be shipped back on or before rental end date to at 1001 Cromwell Bridge Rd, Suite 212, Towson, MD 21286.
  2. Title to the rented product(s) remains with until the total purchase price, together with any other costs and expenses connected therewith, is paid.
  3. After the rented unit has been received by the security deposit will be credited to the renter’s credit card on file. The refund will take place no later than 5 business days from the date the unit is received.
  4. It is considered a breach of this Contract to rent or sell the rented product(s) without the prior written consent of during the rental period.
  5. Renter is responsible in the event of destruction, loss, soiling, or any damage to the rented product(s) from any cause, and will take all necessary care in protecting and maintaining the product(s). will charge a refurbishing fee if the product(s) is not returned in good order, clean, in the original packaging and with all materials.
  6. Refurbishing fees will not exceed the total unit price and will depend upon the extent of damages. Charges will be deducted from rental security deposit. If charges exceed $600, has authorization to charge remaining balance to the credit card on file.
  7. Upon default of payment or breach of contract, an amount equal to the TOTAL PURCHASE PRICE, less any payments credited to renter’s account, is due and payable, and may be charged to renter’s credit card. If litigation is initiated, renter agrees to pay for all legal fees, service fees, and interests as approved by the court.
  8. The renter understands that (A) makes no medical claims whatsoever regarding the use, results, or effects of the rented product(s), and (B) some conditions require the supervision of a health care practitioner.
  9. Renter acknowledges receipt of this rental contract.
  10. It is understood that the foregoing constitutes the whole rental contract between the parties, and that no condition, representation, or warranty shall affect this transaction unless contained herein.
  11. The renter approves this contract and authorizes to charge their payment(s) to the credit card specified.
  12. Renter agrees to pay for the full rental period. If the rented system is returned early, renter will not receive a refund for rental fees.

If renter does not return the rented system at the end of the contract period, the entire purchase price, less rental and deposit fees, will be billed to the renter’s credit card ONE DAY after the rental end date, and the rented product(s) will become his/her property.
After the deposit has been returned, renter is granted 6 months from return date to apply rental charges toward the purchase of a new system.


PEMF products are not intended to be used to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease. PEMF products are not intended to replace conventional medical treatments, but are to be used as a supportive and complementary application. Rented products have not been approved by the FDA. Please contact your doctor first when you have an existing health problem. The undersigned releases, Dr. Pawluk, and its independent consultants from any claims, demands or legal actions and legal costs from any personal injury or death deemed as a result of a rented product.


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