TeslaFit 2+ vs. eNeura Device


Transcript: The  next question,  from Debra,  is about eNeura.  So, the eNeura is an FDA approved PEMF system for migraines. It’s a higher intensity system, but the problem is you don’t own it. Some insurance companies cover it, not everybody does. It works. They got FDA approval. So this becomes politics, right? They got FDA approval as a prevention for migraines because they can’t compete with the companies that are selling drugs and injections and Botox and you name it for the treatment of migraines.  

So in other words, when you have a migraine, medicine trumps everything from the FDA’s perspective. So as a result, they got approval for prevention and you put this device on the back of your neck and you treat yourself every day as a prevention.  Now, they can’t say this because they didn’t get approval from the FDA to say it, but it would treat the migraine too.  If you happen to own an eNeura, if you catch your migraine early enough, you may be able to abort it, so that it may not progress to becoming a full blown migraine. 

But you don’t own it.  Insurance has to cover it. It’s expensive. It’s at least $3,000 or more. And it’s a rental.  Basically, what you’re doing is you’re getting a rental from the company to do it. A doctor has to prescribe it, so you have to have a doctor who’s willing to prescribe it. With PEMFs, you can own your own system. You don’t have to deal with insurance companies, you don’t have to deal with the doctors having to prescribe it. You can get your own system.  If you want something that’s as strong as an eNeura, you’re going to need, at the very least, a Pulse Harmonics machine or a TeslaFit Plus machine. Now you can get higher as well, but you’re going to need higher intensity.

You could do a trial – you could try something like a Flex Pulse, which then allows you to be able to treat the back of the neck as well.  The Flex Pulse works and it’s portable.  So unlike an eNeura, unlike the Pulse Harmonics or the TeslaFit Plus, you don’t have to be sitting next to an outlet to do your treatments. Now, the higher the intensity, often the faster the results. So the treatment times become shorter so you don’t have to sit there too long. 

But you may have the advantage with a Flex Pulse of being able to wear it, stick the control unit in a pants pocket and then just go on about your business while you’re wearing your coils on the back of your neck.  If that works for you, great. Fantastic. You saved a lot of money. But not everybody who has migraines gets by with that lower intensity. The value of the Flex Pulse is because you can use it over a longer period of time.  You could still get significant benefit and value from it.  

Again, It may not be as effective for an active migraine that’s well set in, that’s really full blown, it needs dynamite to get rid of it. So you need to often resort to standard therapies at that time. So really the benefit of the PEMFs is to be able to do the treatment at the beginning of the migraine or using it on a regular basis.  If you’re getting chronic daily headaches, you absolutely need to be doing magnetic field therapy every day. Absolutely. Because you have headaches every day.  And if you have chronic daily headaches, you’re really going to need a stronger magnetic system. That’s my two bits on the subject.