Daily PEMF Tips

Using your PEMF system twice per day helps you to get maximum benefit. Attach your PEMF sessions to established daily rituals. For instance, use your PEMF system during your morning coffee or while reading the evening news. Associating it with habitual activities ensures you won’t

Use your smartphone or smart home devices to set reminders. Get creative with alarm labels like “Time for a PEMF Power-Up!” or “PEMF Oasis Awaits!” to add an element of fun and anticipation.

Designate a special, inviting spot in your home as your PEMF area. Make it so irresistible with pleasant lighting, a scented candle and perhaps some calming music, that you’ll look forward to spending time there.

Keep a PEMF journal or use an app to track your sessions. Set milestones and reward yourself for consistency. Maybe after 30 consecutive days, treat yourself to something special, like a spa day or a new book.

Combine your PEMF sessions with something you enjoy. Listen to your favorite podcast, music playlist, or an audiobook. It turns session time into a treat rather than a task. *Remember to keep all electronics several feet away from your PEMF system*

Partner up with a friend or family member who also uses PEMF therapy. Check in with each other to encourage daily use. Sharing experiences can deepen the commitment.

Place visually appealing notes or stickers in strategic spots around your home or office. On the bathroom mirror, the fridge, or the computer monitor, a gentle nudge like “Have you PEMFed today?” can work wonders.

Keep a list of the benefits of PEMF therapy visible—maybe on your fridge or next to your PEMF system. A quick reminder of the ‘why’ can be a powerful motivator.

Use smart home devices to integrate PEMF time into your daily routine. A smart plug can turn on your device at the same time every day, making it an automated part of your life.

Start or end each session with a minute of mindfulness or meditation, focusing on the positive impacts of PEMF on your body. This practice can create a meaningful connection to the therapy, making it a cherished part
of your day.