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iMRS Complete
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Lenyo Fractal XL$2,250.00
Lenyo Meridian XL$2,250.00

Lenyo Sleep

Lenyo Sleep M$1,295.00
Lenyo Sleep XL$1,695.00

Parmeds (Curatron)

Parmeds Home (HT)$3,575.00
Parmeds Pro Special Edition (XPSE)$6,450.00
Parmeds Super (PC) Package$7,190.00
Parmeds Ultra 3D$12,500.00
Parmeds Ultra 3D Complete Package$13,950.00


PEMF-120 Desktop (with mat)$20,500.00
PEMF-120 Desktop$19,500.00
PEMF-120 Portable$19,500.00

TeslaFit Plus

TeslaFit +$6,500.00
TeslaFit + (with mat)$6,950.00
TeslaFit + (with paddle)$7,250.00
TeslaFit + (with mat and paddle)$7,700.00
TeslaFit + Portable$6,500.00
TeslaFit + Portable (with mat)$6,950.00
TeslaFit + Portable (with mat and paddle)$7,700.00
TeslaFit + Portable (with paddle)$7,250.00

TeslaFit Pro

TeslaFit Pro$19,500.00
TeslaFit Pro (with paddle)$20,250.00