What do Tony Robbins and Dr William Pawluk Have in Common?

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The answer what Tony Robbins and I have in common is: quite a bit. One of those bits is NOT walking on hot coals! In my 50-year career as a Family doctor, a one-time “horse and buggy” style “Marcus Welby” doctor. This involved delivering babies, sewing ears back on, setting broken bones, piecing back together a “Spaghetti scalp”, stopping people from suicide, and just plain old holding hands at the end of life. I came to realize that all “establishments” deliver at least some benefits. Nobody gets everything they want.

One of the things that Tony Robbins and I share is an interest in the value of PEMF therapy. In his new book “Life Force,” Tony discusses strategies he’s learned. These come from interviewing more than 100 of the world’s top medical pioneers. Much of the impetus for doing the book stems from his own health challenges. Similarly, it comes from search to help with his own healing.

He talks about a personal snowboarding accident leaving him with an excruciatingly painful torn rotator cuff. This led to the discovery that he also had severe spinal stenosis. PRP, platelet rich plasma, helped only a small amount. Serendipitously, at a conference a spinal surgeon recommended PEMF therapy to him. His first experience with 20 minutes of PEMF therapy reduced pain from 9 out of 10 to 4.5. He absolutely benefited from the PEMF therapy. However, he ended up getting stem cell therapy to further help to heal his shoulder. But he continues to use PEMF therapy regularly to boost energy and concentration, improve sleep and overall daily function.

Regarding stem cell therapy, I often tell people “you can’t grow garden in a swamp.” Research shows that PEMF therapy helps to reduce/clear “the swamp,” that is, to decrease the swelling and inflammation associated with many of the health issues for which stem cell therapy is used. The research also shows that PEMF therapy not only increases the body’s own natural proliferation of stem cells, and it also helps them to turn from undifferentiated into the differentiated cells needed for the intended tissue repair and regeneration. And PEMFs also help to maintain the injected stem cells and the regenerating tissues longer term. Based on science and experience, It’s my view that, given the cost and hassles in getting and doing stem cell therapy, more support is needed to give more confidence that that it will work as well as hoped. Adequate intensity and proper use of PEMF’s provide that assurance.

As Tony mentions, research on PEMF therapy is extensive. it shows dramatic results in reducing pain, swelling, inflammation and improving cellular metabolism and energy. Much of this is discussed in my two books, Power Tools for Health and Supercharge Your Health With PEMF Therapy.

Tony further goes on to describe how he used it successfully for his 83-year-old aunt. She suffered a bad fall, and for the professional athletes he coaches. He combines multiple other therapies including hyperbaric oxygen [HBOT] and cryotherapy. His PEMF is a high intensity, very high cost PEMF system normally only sold to health professionals. I also recommend combining PEMF with other therapies to provide maximum benefits. This gets very expensive. 

However, PEMF therapy often will stand extremely well on its own and may be the best value of any other therapy, when one considers costs, time needed to use it, convenience, limitations of the benefits of these various other therapies, or their usefulness across a myriad of health conditions. The usefulness of PEMFs is described in my Supercharge Your Health with PEMF Therapy book across 80 health conditions and the ability to use PEMFs in the convenience of the home setting.

One can certainly use PEMF therapy in the professional setting with holistic practitioners, physical therapists, chiropractors, acupuncturists, trainers, etc., but, because of the cost and convenience issues, getting an appropriate PEMF system for home use, as Tony has done, is likely to help the most in the long run. So, home PEMF therapy may be used not only for helping with specific health issues but will also have the add-on value, amazingly so, for long-term daily general health maintenance. Who doesn’t need health maintenance, even beyond any specific health issues?

In his book, Tony says “I personally recommend that you get yourself an experience with one, and you’ll be sold on its power and impact. Most people will do three sessions of twenty to 60 minutes and see significant positive changes. But I felt the impact, and many do,  after just the first session, and I’m willing to bet you’ll notice a positive change. PEMF devotees affectionately call it “lightning in a box,” and just may be the right way for you to decrease both acute and chronic pain, increase circulation, and boost your overall energy while recharging your health.”*

Tony has tended it call his PEMF therapy system “lightning in a box”. Furthermore, we have very few returns. Follow-up consultations with those who have purchased devices indicates that they are very pleased with all the benefits they feel. They can’t thank me enough for steering them the right way. In some cases, this is even after the have purchased a less effective system on their own. As a result, with ongoing consultations and support from DrPawluk.com, most people who make the recommended PEMF purchasing decision, have no regrets and freely share their experiences with myriads of other people.

To order a PEMF system go to DrPawluk.com. For help in deciding which PEMF system to get, go to https://www.drpawluk.com/consult/, complete and submit the form.

*Excerpted from “Life Force: how  breakthroughs in precision medicine can transform the quality of your life of those you love.” Tony Robbins, Peter Diamandis, MD & Robert Hariri, MD, PhD. Simon & Schuster, 2022.