Dr. Pawluk explains how one could benefit from the use of the MicroPulse portable PEMF system. To find out more technical details about the MicroPulse head over to the product page for more information by clicking here!

This is the micro pulse ICES. ICES stands for inductively coupled electrical stimulation, so basically, what this magnetic system is doing is to create electrical stimulation effectively in the tissues without using electricity. To do that directly applied to the body so it’s a portable system which makes it very handy and you can apply to the body using any kind of wraps; you can put in a shirt and stick the coils in a pocket or under a belt or down a pant leg, etc.

Intensity and applicators for the MicroPulse

The field intensity is very nice with it being a bit over 200 Gauss. When the two coils are put together each coil individually is about a hundred gauss each so there’s two separate sets of coils they can be used together or they can be used apart. The unit is very portable, very light, and it has four intensity settings related to it. It has an audio jack that plugs it into the into the end of the unit there and there’s a battery in here and this is a battery cover so the battery doesn’t get dislodged easily. Powered by a 9-volt battery you can use rechargeable batteries. When you turn it on and it beeps to show you that it’s actually working. Each unit comes with two sets of coils, and as an accessory doesn’t come standard but which is inexpensive to buy is a 9-volt battery adapter so what this allows you to do is to plug it in to electrical current to an outlet and then run it from the outlet rather than using a battery life. If you have to be at home or you want to use it through the night because it operates continuously as long as the battery’s attached or it’s powered up it will run constantly.

Background of the MicroPulse and the NASA experiment

The history of this unit was the signal itself was developed by an engineer who designed a system for NASA for an experiment NASA was conducting and that experiment had to do with stimulating stem cells. There have been other studies done since then with that unit showing that it does in fact have significant capability of actually healing tissues. I use it myself like I do all magnetic systems that we work with and I find it’s very effective because I can wear it and go on about my business. I’m not tied to having to be plugged into an electrical outlet if I don’t want to!