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XPulser Deep Sleep AME Tuner


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XPulser DEEP Sleep AME Tuner – Chiefly designed and manufactured in the USA, combines a unique DEEP sleep enhancing 3 Hz magnetic field (PEMF) signal and a matching clicking sound in a portable 9V USB rechargeable battery-operated device which can run continuously (throughout the night) off the battery or USB Cable. Coils can be inserted in the accompanying 2 pocket pouch, and also placed inside the pillow cover.
Single 3 Hz program.
Firstly, 4 intensity levels – L (low), M (medium), H (high), and X (extra). Maximum intensity (level X) is 200 gauss (20,000 microTesla) when the coils are stacked one on top of the other (we suggest bumpy sides together). When the coils are separated the maximum intensity per coil is 100 gauss.
Note: The XPulser will run continuously until the unit is shut off or the 9V battery is depleted.
Includes: XPulser DEEP Sleep Tuner control unit and battery cover, 2 standard length coils, 2 USB rechargeable Li-Ion 9 V batteries, magnetic field tester, USB charger, USB power cable, and lastly a 2-pocket coil pouch.
Technical Information
Waveform: Trapezoidal
Maximum Intensity: 200 gauss (20,000 microTesla) stacked; 100 Gauss per coil
Frequency Range: 3 Hz
Number of Programs: 1
Program Duration: Continuous
Input Power: 9V USB rechargeable battery or USB cable/charger
DIMENSIONS: control unit: 3′′ x 2.5′′ x 1′′
Applicator Dimensions: coil diameter: 2′′
Warranty Period: control unit only: 1 year; coils/USB cable/USB charger/pouch –
Return Period: 30 days
Restocking Fee: 20% of purchase price
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