Chapter 00


Chapter 01

Introduction. Why this book

Chapter 02

What the book covers

Chapter 03

History of magnetic field therapy and PEMFs

Chapter 04

PEMFs vs EMFs. Good vs bad EMFs

Chapter 05

Top 12 benefits of PEMFs

Chapter 06

Intensity matters

Chapter 07

Physiologic actions of PEMFs

Chapter 08

Rules for applying PEMF therapy

Chapter 09

Safety of PEMF therapy

Chapter 10

Nutrition and PEMF therapy

Chapter 11

Complementary therapies

Chapter 12

Myths about PEMFs

Chapter 13

Choosing a PEMF system

Chapter 14

Placements of applicators and coils

Chapter 15

Why own a PEMF system vs office treatments

Chapter 16

PEMFs for helping pain

Chapter 17

Going low and slow

Chapter 18

PEMFs and phases of healing

Chapter 19

Multiple areas needing treatment

Chapter 20

Why daily treatment

Chapter 21

When PEMF therapy won’t work and what you can…

Chapter 22

Magnetic sandwich

Chapter 23 

Power Tools for Health book