What chronic pain does to the brain and what pulsating magnetic fields can do to help

If you have chronic pain, you have a chronic pain brain. If you have a loved one or friend with chronic pain, they have chronic pain brains too. If you have memory issues, depressed mood, anxiety, can’t sleep, brain fog and you have chronic pain, then you have a chronic pain brain. In other words, the brain develops changes that are related to chronic pain. All pain signals go to the brain that’s where we perceive the pain stubbing your toe will cause acute pain. This signal goes to the brain as the toe heals the pain goes away the pain signal will also go away or extinguish from the brain. In other words, the memory track of the pain signal in the brain will disappear but if the pain continues for weeks or months this will become chronic pain and will cause chronic changes in the brain or the chronic pain brain.

Persistent pain can become a problem, use PEMFs before it does!

Any pain in the body that persists beyond the time of healing can be considered chronic pain even very strong acute pain signals can convert to chronic pain brain. All pain signals whether acute or chronic enter the brain and disperse throughout the brain as if they were a large deck of dominoes. Every pain signal can involve as much as 10% of the brain this means that about 8 to 10 billion neurons or brain cells are activated by the pain signal.

Where does pain come from?

These are not even specific pain cells in the brain there are less than 100 of these the activated cells are all the other cells in the brain that get turned on by the pain signal most of this nerve traffic stimulated by the pain signal goes to two parts of the brain: the limbic system and the frontal cortex.

The Limbic system and the frontal cortex

The limbic system is the seat of emotion in the brain, especially fear and sadness and also includes memory of past events. The frontal cortex is the decision-making part of the brain and deals with short-term memory pain signals that are constantly firing even from minimal pain are constantly activating this whole system when this happens the suffering mental and emotional from even small amounts of chronic pain can way exceed the level of pain even if the pain goes away completely the brain structures stimulated by the chronic pain signal continue to be active causing chronic suffering. This is the chronic pain brain and most current techniques for dealing with chronic pain either don’t work well or cause their own problems hence the opioid crisis. Various aspects of addiction involved the same structures in the brain as chronic pain so what is a safe non-toxic and effective way to help the brain and suffering in somebody with chronic pain? Magnetic field therapies applied to the brain in many research studies have shown significant benefit to relieve the suffering. A portable battery-operated magnetic field pulsed electromagnetic field or PEMF device can be used across the brain to help the chronic pain. It is easy to apply is readily available for home use and can be used for hours at a time and even overnight. These PEMFs can also help with poor sleep in people with chronic pain and hasten the healing of the tissues causing the pain whether from: arthritis, back pain, headaches, fibromyalgia, tendinitis, carpal tunnel and many more. PEMFs give help to many aspects of the pain problem and reduce the dependence on opioids you could read more about this on our blog on our website at drpawluk.com.

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