SELECTING A PEMF SYSTEM – THE FIRST ESSENTIAL STEPS If you are considering getting a PEMF system for your health, the number of choices can be overwhelming. So, what are some of the most important considerations to make the right choice? Since getting a PEMF system is an investment in your present and future health, […]

Setting A Healing Timeline

Healing with PEMF Therapy HOW LONG WILL PEMFS TAKE TO HEAL? One of the most common questions people have before starting PEMF therapy is about how quickly they will see results. The answer is dependent on a variety of factors and is impossible to predict with any great precision. That being said, we can usually help […]

PEMFs and Brain Recovery After Stroke

Man stands with a side profile and waves re going through his brain (a drawing) after a stroke

PEMFS AND BRAIN RECOVERY AFTER STROKE Table of Contents The ability to recover after stroke depends on many factors, including the regenerative capabilities of the brain. Recovery depends on the plasticity of the brain. The plasticity, or neuroplasticity, required in a damaged brain is very different from the plasticity of a normal functioning brain. The demand for adaptive […]

PEMF Frequency Needed to Treat Inflammation

PEMF Frequency Needed to Treat Inflammation Table of Contents In a previous video, I introduced the idea of the importance of the intensity of the magnetic field needed for magnetic field therapy to give the best results. Furthermore, this video now goes into more detail about the intensity needed to treat inflammation. PEMFs have long […]

Healing with Magnetic Field Therapy – Dr. Oz Article

Healing with Magnetic Field Therapy Table of Contents Board Certified Family Physician and Holistic Health Practitioner. Former Assistant Professor at Johns Hopkins University School of Medicine and University of Maryland. Learn more about his recent talk with Dr. Oz. Dr. Pawluk is the creator of, an authoritative informational source on PEMFs. He has also […]


What is the Best PEMF Machine? Table of Contents People are slowly beginning to understand the array of issues that PEMF therapy can address. I get a lot of questions about how to choose the best PEMF machine.  It is confusing to know exactly what to look for, especially since PEMF therapy can benefit almost any […]

What do Tony Robbins and Dr William Pawluk Have in Common?

What do Tony Robbins and Dr William Pawluk Have in Common? Table of Contents SUMMARY The answer what Tony Robbins and I have in common is: quite a bit. One of those bits is NOT walking on hot coals! In my 50-year career as a Family doctor, a one-time “horse and buggy” style “Marcus Welby” […]

What do Marijuana and PEMFs have in common?

What do Marijuana and PEMFs Have in Common? Table of Contents WHAT DO MARIJUANA AND PEMFS HAVE IN COMMON? Marijuana has become legal recreationally in many states in America and throughout Canada. Many people land pro and con about the risks and benefits of recreational marijuana. However, the medical uses of marijuana [cannabis] are increasingly […]

Weight Loss with the Help of PEMFs

Weight Loss with the Help of PEMFs Table of Contents Weight loss is a complex issue with no quick-fixes or easy answers.  Commercial weight-loss programs are a huge industry. However, quite often these programs only work short-term, if at all. Obesity is a growing epidemic. Researchers are looking for answers to both what causes obesity […]

Vocal Cords

Vocal Cords Table of Contents I was on the telephone today with a professional singer. He has a chronic complaint of problems with his vocal cords. Many things upset his ability to carry the pure notes that he needs as a singer. Singers, especially professional singers, are very preoccupied with the health of their vocal […]